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Cool Ammo Alert
Was at W-mart grabbing ammo for some range time last weekend.  Saw Winchester White Box 9mm  124g Nato.  I got a 150 rd box and rang 5 - 15 rd mags of it through my HK USP.

While I'd say most WWB was just "ok" I thought this was pretty darn good!  Out of 75 rounds I put all but about 10 in the red at 5-7 yards or so.  I really liked this compared to the regular 115g standard stuff.  Was it Speer/Hornady, or even really good Federal?  No.  However - excellent for the price!

Give it a try....
The WWB 124gr NATO is a far cry from the standard WWB 115gr plinking ammo. The box states 1140fps but I got 1162fps with my 1911 Govt model and only had a 33 fps spread. The other plus is that WIN brass is some of the best there is for reloading.

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