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The pool is redone!
15,000 of cool crisp clean clear water.  Mostly, it's for swimming.  But in a pinch - completely drinkable.

Also a new Grill, and refreshed the Propane.  So - Grill, Turkey Cooker, three cans of propane, and 15000 gals.

That doesn't count bottled and frozen !L's and Katadyn Filter and Lifestarws and Aquamira tabs.  Oh yeah - it rains fairly frequently!

So, water - Check!
now just don't let people pee in the pool Smile
Had a pool when I was a kid. You will still have to use a double 2 liter bottle solar still to purify and avoid filtering the water. There are two kinds of pool shock. One pound of the right kind will handle 17,000 gallons of pool water - killing the viruses/bacteria - without killing you. However, it will not filter the water. It will not take out the chemicals. If properly constructed, solar still has two parts. Contaminated or pool water in the lower container. Connection through the caps to the inverted upper bottle which traps the water vapor and turns it back into liquid water. Takes about 8 hours of sunlight. You can also use this kind of a solar still to treat salt water. It will not take out heavy metals.
What are you talking about BD?!?!?!?!?!?!?

That is way unnecessary. I can drop that life straw in the pool and drink nearly indefinitely. I can fill buckets using the Katadyn, and I can bill it in the Turkey cooker in 10 gallon amounts in about 10 minutes.

But yes - a solar soda bottle still will work too!

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