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Knife making?
Making a knife from scratch, Rambo style, has been on my bucket list before forged in fire was on TV. Has anyone ever done it?
(06-09-2018, 04:53 AM)ric0123 Wrote: Making a knife from scratch, Rambo style, has been on my bucket list before forged in fire was on TV. Has anyone ever done it?

Made mine a long time ago. 12" x 1/4 saw topped blade. 1" x 6" galvanized pipe threaded on one end, welded to the hilt. Rubber gasket inside a 1" galv cap for the open end of the handle. Rubber covering on the entire handle. 1 1/4" PVC pipe flattened to fit the blade inserted in a long barrel holster for the sheath. Not pretty and shiny, but very functional.
I used a wore out bastard file and turned it into an Arkansas Toothpick. I did this when I was a teenager and still living on the farm. I used a MAPP gas torch to get it glowing hot so I could shape it on the anvil we had. I was able to draw out the 12" file to get a 17" blade. I used a grinder to to finish the shape of the blade and a belt sander to put an edge on it. I re-tempered it in a bucket of used motor oil.

I made a tang out of a piece aluminum that I polished to a mirror shine. The handle was a piece of hickory that I drilled out the slot to fit the tang. I put some epoxy in the hole and beat on the handle - I actually built 3 handles before I got one close enough it didn't split. After the epoxy cured I drilled a couple of holes and pinned it with a brass rod. Then I sanded the down to a good shape.

It was not a pretty knife but it would hold an edge fairly well. I had an uncle that made holsters and other leather goods that made me a sheath for it. I used to keep it in my truck with the sheath attached to the bottom of the seat. It was taken when somebody broke into my truck in the late 80's.
It's as high tech or redneck as you want it to be. I've learned how to make forges by digging holes and making "down and dirty" items. Not near as nice work but it's functional and cheap.
I wanted to do the hammer and anvil thing but it's a lot of equipment to buy and I have no place to do it. I saw this you tube video of a guy that cut and shapes bar stock and heats treats it in a mini forge made of fire bricks and a propane torch. I think that would be good enough for me for now
I made my first file knife while in metal shop at school, it was a simple one made with a grinder and other files after removing the heat treatment, my teacher helped me pattern it after a SOG bowie blade i had a picture of. Differentially heat treated the knife to a rockwell of 58-60 for the edge and 42-44 for spine. This was long before the PC safety comissars turn schools into a commie pussy whipped schools for the production of moral cowards.

My son has it now, which he has rehandled in G10 and made a kydex sheath for it. While i carry blackjack model 14 in A2 tool steel for personnel defence.

We still make knives now using grinding belts, my daughter is particularly good with the grinder while my son makes most of the handles and sheaths. Sheath making is very useful as most modern kives you buy have reall aweful sheaths for the most part.

Worn out old files is one of my preps i just clean them up abit if needed and drop them in a bucket full of old motor oil, i get them from yard sales / church jumble sales mainly but estate and bankrupty auctions are prime places for old hand tools in general.

I am abit of a nut for old hand tools always have been, when my father died he left me his tools some of which where from my great great grandfather. My small 90lb anvil, tools and coal forge are from the 1930's modded with a blower rather than bellows at some point. Bought at a country sale as part of a completish set for mobile horse shoeing.

As a matter of choice i preffer made from the 1960's to 1900's, i find there quality better thn the modern tools, back then things where made to last a life time unlike most modern tools. The exception to the rule has been my snapon tools and a set of kamasa proffesional tools i got from a bankruptcy sale, bought becauce i needed tools that where metric not imperial.

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