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The Pistol Caliber Carbine Thread
Mac66 beat me to it, but been watching videos on the Extar EP9 and it is getting some really good reviews and is about $300 cheaper. WOrth giving it a look before you decide.

Also, if you do a search on YouTube you will see all the 'experts' discussing the fact that a letter was released by the ATF stating (basically) just because you use an item differently than designed, doesn't change the classification. An example, if you use a shovel to beat a stake into the ground, it is still a shovel even though you used it as a hammer. So, the pistol brace is still a brace even though you put it up against your shoulder.

Understand, that letters can change more quickly than laws. Yet, for my own use, I'm not concerned about how I hold my pistol.
My issue with the Extar is that the barrel is only 6.5 inches so it's the same as a G17LS. I'd like to pick up some FPS with a longer barrel. I had a roni converter for my g17, which was nifty, but didn't extend the barrel so it was a glorified grip

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