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The Pistol Caliber Carbine Thread
I still look at it from return on investment. As a shooter I'll gladly pay a little more to get better quality, ergonomics, and functionality. The Keltec is questionably better quality than the Hi-point, but the ability to use glock mags is a huge benefit and it has slightly better ergos. For about $100 more that's a pretty fair trade-off. Jump up to the Ruger or PSA at $500 and you get much better build quality, great ergos, and Glock mags. So you can still stay on the budget end of PCCs while getting more for your money.
The problem an AR based pistol caliber SBR or Carbine is the add-on's. Swap out the standard trigger for a $100-250 drop in trigger, dump the carbine buffer spring for the new $150 double spring buffer rod that is tuned for a particular caliber, upgrade optics for a $39 red dot to a $175 Vortex or a $800 ACOG and the AR will get stupid expensive.

My initial AR-9 pistol build came in just over $600 because I started out with a decent drop in trigger. I am up to about $800 on it because the VISM red dot I initially went with is not durable enough for the AR-9. The VISM works great on a AR-15 but the blowback AR-9 has a bit more recoil.
This sorta gets back to the initial reason I purchased a 995TS and 4095TS, together they were less than $600.  So it gets to the decision of just how much do you want to put into a trunk gun, back up carbine, emergency go-to or whatever role you have in mind.  For some roles i.e. primary rifle it would make sense to get the best you can afford.  Perhaps for a trunk gun PCC a used $200 995TS makes a bit more sense.  It isn't fashionable.  It isn't sexy.  But it works pretty well in that role and leaves you a ton of excess $ for other projects.  

Bob, Shane is picking up a Ruger PCC today for $540.  We're going to go shoot it although I have no specific time frame.  Could be tomorrow or it could be in a month.  That's up to him and his schedule.  But if it works out that you can join us you may want to check it out.

I'd like a Ruger PCC and think it makes a lot of sense for pretty much any role you'd care to put it in.  That's about the upper limit that I'd spend though and to be honest I'd probably wait till I saw a better deal down the road on AL.
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