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Kevlar braided line ?
Has anyone used kevlar braided line/cordage ? is it easy to use ? I fancy getting afew hundred meters of the 2000lb type if it is any good. Kevlar being able to take higher temps due to its melting point of 500c / 930f versus paracord at 240c / 482f and its abrasion characteristics make me want to have some in my BOB at least, cost wise it is 8% cheaper to buy locally than my normal milspec paracord.

I know everyone and his dog whines on about the strands in 550 cord being important, i don't care just want some strong cordage, if i need to stitch myself up i just use dissolving sutures from my medkit or fishing line. 

I came across it while searching for some new climbing ropes, I have several thousand meters of milspec 550 cord on 300m spools which is the cheapest way i have found to get it locally from the local ships chandlers.

As an FYI i also get Dyneema Braid Sea Fishing Line form my local chandlers for sea fishing but i have found it has also become my goto light weight thread/line from using the 0.55mm 100lb to repair seams in my trousers to the 1.1mm 300lb for a general most everthing else cordage. Oh and i use 8lb 0.12mm for suturing myself if needed, a quick soak in iodine does the trick.
I also think that 550 paracord is over rated. That is heresy in the prepper world but I hate how it stretches and it's bulky. I prefer 3mm accessory cord, which is more dense and doesn't stretch, and I really like braided mason line from home depot. Inside it for everything, most notably guy lines for tarps and tents. It comes 500ft on a spool that is smaller than 50ft of paracord, and it's $6
Dave Canterbury preaches the merits of bank line.  Never used it myself but he thinks highly of the stuff.
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