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American Embassy in Israel
(05-16-2018, 05:57 PM)David Wrote: Israel is our number one friend in the region.  It is important to stand up, by and for them.  The move SHOULD have been done a couple of decades ago...well, more like seven decades ago.  It was the right thing for Trump to do.

Those that bless Israel shall be blessed, those that curse Israel shall be cursed.  That applies to nations as well.  

What is happening is as it should be, it's Biblical and scriptural and the stage is being set.

Yes, scripture is being fulfilled. But let's take a closer look at why. Christians across the globe are failing 2nd Chronicles 7:14 because there is a great falling away from the faith. People are putting their faith in man and hoping the Lord assists them. Instead of having true trust and faith in God. Since man is in God's seat, things are being done man's way. Hence every year and decade is worse than the last. 

Americans don't want to fight for their freedom anymore. They want to elect people to do their fighting for them. And while we're watching the Grand Spectacle of false flags and diversions the enemy is entertaining us with, they're setting up our demise behind the curtains. Things are going to happen as quickly or slowly as we allow. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 isn't illegitimate because of the end of days, it's because we aren't heeding the promise. Now, some people believe we're going to be raptured out before the crap hits the fan. My response to that is, why did the Lord tell us to be prepared? Don't sit back, start fighting for your freedom, liberty and sovereignty.

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