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Security Cameras On The Cheap!
There are a number of fairly inexpensive camera systems out there that work through your wi-fi so you don't have to use cell phone service.

When I ran public safety and security at a campus I used a number of covert cameras from outside of our regular camera systems. Not particularly cheap but pretty decent stuff.

A cheap source of cameras is You can probably set up a decent system for not a lot of money. They also have IP cameras and systems. Shipping is usually the proverbial slow boat from China if you don't mind waiting.

Here's a small cheap wi-fi/dvr camera...

And a small stand alone motion sensing DVR cam
Essentially, I am looking for the following device:

an indoor monitor for one room.  it will plug into the wall.  it will record and then write over after a period of time - like at the most two weeks.  it will have a portable chip.  essentially it is a continuous dash cam  or a continuous game camera that writes over and does not need batteries.  the smaller and more discrete, the better.
How goes your project?
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(08-05-2018, 12:26 PM)David Wrote: How goes your project?

I found through Walmart a security camera within a superficial clock.  If and when I go on vacation, I will activate the camera portion.  It is a very simple set up that doesn't do anything other than record activity on a chip and does not broadcast the content wirelessly.
I am in the market for a system with.... 4 wireless cameras, a recording device, and a way to watch them (either my PC monitor or a separate one) the cheaper the better...

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