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drop cloths and plastic sheeting
A few years ago,  I came to an understanding that I might have to construct shelters if shtf and windows were broken and the house otherwise rendered uninhabitable.  Based upon what I knew growing up,  I went to the local hardware store and the big box stores.  Nothing of quality, wrong material and/or no repair kits.  Then I found Chicago Canvas and Supply on line.  All kinds of drop cloths and in different materials.  So, I bought some and found grommet/grommet repair kits/instructions on line.

Yesterday, I went to Home Depot and bought two rolls of solid, black plastic in the paint department.  Nothing gets through it - paint,water, wind.  I will have one roll left over and going into shtf supplies.  I do have rolls of plastic in differing thicknesses.  The very thin stuff could never replace a broken window  or be useful to plug a hole in the wall temporarily.  The thicker stuff will work.
We have tarps and different thicknesses of drop clothes in our kit. Plus, we have plywood and screws to put on windows. We have enough plywood to cover every window in the house.
I went with twinwall polycarbonate sheets 10 x 2500 x 1050mm for window replacement 8 of them in the garage rafters. Enough to replace all my windows with some to spare.

For roof weather proofing i went with three 150gsm tarps 12 x 20m, 3 are more than enough to cover the whole roof, got them cheap as they are a really aweful bright lime green colour. most of my other tarps are 100gsm 2 x 3m or 3 x 4m in there regular blue colour.

Some of the most useful stuff day to day has been 1200 gauge DPM materal 0.30mm x 4m x 50m, pain in the arse to store, but useful especially in the garden for covering the beds, keeps the weeds down and warms the soil, this year allowed us to plant afew crops 2-3 weeks earlier than most.

Strangly enough the drop clothes i do have where my fathers, got to be knocking on for 20 years old now. Still servicable, doubt any modern ones would last that long.
Like to pick up the free ones you get at Harbor Freight with the coupon.  They've come in handy numerous times from moving something, covering cages, camping etc.
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