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Epson Salt
Just a reminder for those who may have forgotten or just don't know this farmer's trick. Take a spray bottle and fill it with a mixture of 1 tablespoon Epson Salt per quart of water. Once your tomatoes, peppers, squash, and even roses start to bloom spray down the leaves of those plants every 10 days.

This will boost the production of repeat flowering due to the magnesium sulfate in the Epson Salt. My granddad was a vegetable farmer and when things started blooming he hit the field 3 times a month until the season was over with this stuff and his production levels were higher than the standard non-treated fields. Also because of the sulfate portion of this it also tends to cut down on bugs.
Wow, I didn't know that. Learned something new today.
Great tip!  And perfect timing as my tomato plants are just now getting the green fruit on them.
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