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Pocket dump
That Tier One SF video where they do the pocket dump (the one where 3 out of 4 carried the G43) got me thinking that it would make a good thread.  So if you did a pocket dump with your normal EDC 'stuff' what would it look like?

[Image: 35813287194_5a57627f40_z.jpg]

Older picture but most of the stuff is the same.  Only differences would be that I've added a ferro rod to the key chain on the left.  The blue credit card holder is now black and is a security case with a zipper.  I don't normally carry the larger flashlight (Nitecore EA11) if I'm just out for the day since I have a Nitecore EC11 in my sling bag, but will carry it if I am out at night or plan to be.  The G43 may substitute for the G26 on occasion and the holster may (probably) be different.  But this is pretty much what I'll have on me if I'm leaving the house.  

So, what's your pocket dump?
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Here is my pocket dump from last night. Was teaching a couple of classes yesterday, so went with the G43. Only thing not in the picture is the phone I was using to take the picture with. The way the picture was taken, it makes the flashlight look huge, I should of laid it on its side. Oh well.

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