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Caffeine and Dizziness
Hey guys, this may not have to do with preparedness but it seemed to fit into fitness and health. 

I'm in my mid 30's and have been having dizzy or tunnel vision spells when getting up from sitting or laying down. My wife "made" me go to the doctor about it. She asked if I was drinking enough water, I do drink water, but more diet soda than water. She told me to swap the soda intake for water, because I also take a stimulant ADHD medication. So for the past two days I have been drinking sparkling water instead of soda and have been experiencing some mild caffeine withdraws. 

Like I said, the dizziness was probably a specific problem with my medication, but the caffeine dependency is definitely a health issue I wasn't aware I had. I've still been drinking my two(ish) cups of coffee, but dumped my diet soda for flavored sparkling water.
You got to love the dizziness. I'm a BPPV sufferer myself, so can relate to the dizziness. I've not had problems with caffeine, but I did have problems with diet soda. I was drinking a LOT of diet soda (a two litter a day). I was having nasty leg cramps. Went to the doctor and did blood work, everything came back fine.

Come to find out it was the aspartame in the soda. I gave up diet soda and within a week, all the legs cramps went away. Waited another week and then drank three cans of diet soda and sure enough nasty leg cramps that night. So, no more diet soda for me.

It is amazing how much junk we put into our body and how it effects us.

Just as with your caffeine withdraws, can you imagine what it would be like if SHTF and people couldn't get their caffeine or their medications. As it was pointed out in the book One Second After, the need for medication will cost many their lives.
I stopped drinking diet pop years ago and cut back on coffee when I retired. I usually drink two cups a day now. One in the morning and one in the afternoon and that's it. I do go through withdraw if I cut out the coffee but I'm prepared for the apocalypse by storing several cases of instant coffee.

Medication and diet usually affect dizziness. If your BP is okay then it is probably your hydration, meds or diet.
I have to be very careful with caffeine.  If I have too much my heart starts racing and beating hard and sleep is out of the question.  For me, too much is actually very little compared to a lot of folks.  

I haven't had soda in over two decades with the exception of just a few root beers in all that time.  Again, I just can't do the caffeine, not to mention all the other stuff they put into it like refined sugar.  Really I only drink water with an occasional add on of a vitamin mix and D-Ribose which is good for the heart.

It's good when you find out what triggers your body negatively so that you can avoid it like the plague.  

As a side note, I've been almost totally gluten free now for about a month.  That is suppose to be quite beneficial.  Wife has been gluten free for over three years and it's improved her quality of life quite a bit.
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(05-07-2018, 03:54 PM)David Wrote: You should check if you are allergic to milk and corn as well.  I am allergic to a raw apple peel, and not cooked apples.

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