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Corrosion in EDC Flashlight
Two comments:

1.  It was posted by a member that if he had more D cell items he would upgrade his chargers.  No need to do that.  There are now C and D cell empty plastic containers designed to handle rechargeable AA batteries.  I have multiple of these inexpensive plastic battery containers.

2.  Most people now know that Panasonic purchased Eneloops some time ago.  Now, it is just a brand name.  Well, in recharging my Eneloops used in three game cameras in the backyard, I learned that my battery reader records something less than a full reload using the Panasonic wall connected rechargers.  It quite possible that it is simply the calibration on the battery checker as all 24 batteries tested out at the same level of recharged after 1 day and I left half in for two days being recharged.  My next experiment is to run the batteries for only 2 months and then check them.

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