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Defcon level 4
I have a personal Defcon system that I use for national events. It's very simple, but describes my level of concern/interest.   I think the only time I've been over Defcon 4 was when Katrina was actually aimed to go up through Central Texas, and when there was a self inflicted gas shortage in Austin after Harvey. (both were Defcon 3) 

defcon 5.  Normal
defcon 4.  Alerted
defcon 3.  Concerned
defcon 2.  Worried
defcon 1.  Scared

Right now, I'm at 4, due to the Syria airstrikes and waiting to see what Russia does next. I'm not freaking out, I'm just paying attention.

I think that there are different steps you take at each level.  For instance, yesterday (While I was binge watching the recent season of Fear the Walking Dead),  I checked out my emergency food and battery storage. I realized that some of our food had been eaten and/or expired, and the battery stockpile had been used.  Ok, no big deal. Sunday is our shopping day, so it goes on the list.  I made sure my ham radios were charged and my batteries cart was charged. Check.  

No big deal. Not freaking out, just looking at the supplies

I don't really know what would move me to Defcon 3... Probably a retaliatory strike by Russia against NATO.  However, that could move us from defcon 3 to defcon 1 in a real hurry.

Anyway, I really don't know what steps I'd take at each level, or at what point I'd decide to call into work and stay home. My boss is ex military so I suspect he would understand, but I'm also pretty new at my agency. So it's a tough call. 

Probably at Defcon 3 I'd sit my GF down and show her how to use my ham radio and have a hard, serious discussion about getting home from work/evac, make her put a bigger gear bag in her car, change of clothes, etc.. (in case she had to walk home, she's not far away).

She's already got equipment in her car (that I put there) but it can always be better.. We all know that it's a process that never ends. 

So, anyway, no real point to this other than to sort of talk out my system and attempt to talk about what happens at each step.   All of my romantic/live in partners have obviously known about my prepping and I use this system to sort of explain my mental state when a crisis might start to come up (Tornado, ice, wild fires, international events, etc)
I go through those levels daily:

-Rhonda says how was your day (defcon 5)
-Rhonda says we need to talk (defcon 4)
-Rhonda says I need to sit down (defcon 3)
-Rhonda says you know the plans you had for that bonus money (defcon 2)
-Rhonda says don't worry, I have figured away to replenish the bonus money and have some extra, but you need to go drive the car now (defcon 1)
I like your system Ric Smile
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

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