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Instructor pricing
I don't know if any of you are firearms instructors but many gun manufacturers have instructor discounts for NRA, Appleseed, 4 H, Boy Scout,  and state certified instructors including Hunter Safety.   

Frankly,  most of the discounts are minimal and often times you can find the firearms they discount on sale cheaper at PSA or Buds etc,. Occasionally you can buy their guns cheaper through the Instructor program. 

 A case in point is the Ruger EC9s. The EC9s is the budget version of the LC9s. It is striker fired, has a different finish and has sights machined into the slide. I've been looking at replacing my LC9 with the striker fired version and have been looking at the prices since the EC9s has come out.  So far the Instructor price on that gun is significantly cheaper than I can find anywhere online.  

If you qualify you might want to take a look at instructor pricing.  I can send you PDF for Ruger and a few others though like I said, most discounts aren't worth the trouble and of course you still have to have the firearm sent to an FFL and pay the transfer fees.
Appreciate the heads up.  If you get an EC9 I'd like to hear your review on it.  I know I like my LC9 quite a bit.  Didn't know the EC9 was striker fired, figured it was hammer fired like the LC9.
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I looked into the instructor pricing years ago and found the same thing as you. Most of the discounts are off of MSRP and basically get the item down to street price. The only good deals were on things I didn't want anyway.
Glad you found something you want. Let us know how you like it.
Got too many things in the fire right now and I keep promising my wife, "no more guns, no more cases of ammo" so I may hold off on the EC9s for a while.

Ruger's PC Carbine also has a decent instructor price compared to what they are going online. I have no desire for the PC Carbine and probably won't buy one but sometimes it's a matter of price and availability.
Palmetto has the LC9s striker version for $299 with an AR 15 lower and an AR10 lower right now.
(04-12-2018, 09:11 PM)Ronin.45 Wrote: Palmetto has the LC9s striker version for $299 with an AR 15 lower and an AR10 lower right now.

I saw that. That's a good deal if you need another AR15 and AR10 lower.

As you know Ruger came out with the LC9 (hammer fired double action) and then the LC9s (striker fired) then the LC9s Pro (striker fired w/o the thumb safety, mag disconnect, lock etc).  

This year they came out with the EC9s which is basically a budget version of the LC9s.  They have apparently discontinued the original LC9 and LC9s Pro as they are no longer in their catalog. 

They are currently offering the LC9s and EC9s. The LC9s runs anywhere from $250-$300 online while the cheapest I've seen the EC9s is $218 right now at  The instructor price is less than that by a good bit.

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