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IDPA Match
Well, I am keeping up with my goal of at least one match a month.

Last Thursday Rhonda and I went and shot a match. There was twenty-one people that shot (indoor match). Rhonda came in 14th, which I was very proud of her. She has been practicing and in less than a year, she has went from coming in last place to now ending up in the middle of the pack. I came in 7th, but Rhonda and I was also the only two shooting the CCP division. So we had extra reloads and using smaller guns than everyone else. I dropped two head shots and she dropped three head shots which it knocked me down two places from 5th to 7th and her dropping three head shots dropped her from 11th to 14th. 

Yet, we had fun and it was good trigger time.
Good job. Keep it up.
We shot a match last night.

I was able to introduce a new guy to it. He is one that I have been slowly bringing into the prepping community and getting him to understand the importance. He was nervous, which we all are the first time, but he enjoyed himself. He was a little disappointed he came in last, but I pointed out that the three people above him were all police officers and he he almost beat the one just above him.

Rhonda came in 13th out of 20, which I was very proud of her. She has come along ways and I pointed out that out of the five police officers there (one state trooper and four city officers), that she out shot 3 of them and only missed out shooting the fourth one by 10 seconds. I came in 5th. I have to stop dropping my head shots.

Oh well, it was a fun night. I would encourage you if you aren't competing in some type of shooting sport to get out there and compete.
Congrats. It really sounds like you guys are getting the hang of it. Also goes to show that most police officers are not the standard anyone should strive for when it comes to shooting.

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