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SPOT Messenger
I'm pretty sure I've posted this before.. but it's spring time again when I start to hit the hiking trails.
I always carry it in the woods and when I travel on motorcycle.

Spot messenger  ;
It's basically a low orbit satellite pager... you program it with canned messgs that you can send out when wanted to family and also a gps tracker they can see on google maps ( or their web site )... to email and or cell phones
Also has an emergency gps locator which goes to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center( they contact 911 in the areas where you are )

Main reason I carry it is due to many time there are no cell sites available... this just needs sky.

Down side is service runs about $125 per year... but I get max use of it by sharing with other family members base on trip ( you can save multi profiles and quickly change them )... I see it as cheap insurance.

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