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Non firearm defense
Your mind is your best defensive tool.  The best skill is situational awareness.

Dave Clark was the President of the Southwest Pistol League.  People were starting to build race guns - .45acp government models with mounted scopes.  He was one of the last 6 inch .38 special cops in LAPD.  He lost contest after contest - and some people jeered at him.  Did a head shot in a hostage situation in front of the station with his 6 inch .38 special and retired.

Classmate and I were trained in OODA (understanding human dynamics in a life-and-death situation).  While being held up at gun point, he drew from concealed and killed his assailant on the spot.

Another classmate, following protocol, did a trained dynamic entry.  He and another team member were killed on the spot because the assailant was prepared for a dynamic entry.  The good guys don't always win.

Ernie Emerson wrote an article for the Daily Caller on knife fighting.  There is no magic technique.  What you have to do is understand the situations in which they come about and be prepared to react.  Like a movie situation where you only understand that you don't try to wake up the sleeping, experienced soldier in the corner as he will react in a way designed to kill you.  You train yourself for reaction to an attack.  He gave drills to train your reactions. 

Bruce Lee wrote that a person needed only 5 moves.

I saw a world class Argentine tango instructor generate thunderous applause in a studio before he had gone 1/2 way around a room doing a basic step pattern.

You train yourself after receiving basic, competent paid instruction.  Every master says this.  I have been told this by the former head of the Rhodesian Army Scouts, by master dance instructors, by a master instructor from the Tom Brown School, and so on.

Learn human ergonomics.  Practice balance and controlled movement.

So, I give a couple of laugh situations.  I am at a shooting class on a filthy range at the end of the earth.  Who shows up at this godforsaken location?  A proficient female Argentine tango dancer I know.  Or I am at another class.  A guy flies in from Florida, borrows a windbreaker and a Glock.  We are shooting Glocks from the draw from concealed.  He is beating us with .3 second from the whistle to shooting.  5th degree black belt in a martial art.

Personal.  Have lived in the same house for almost 40 years.  I have known the people at the hardware store the whole time.  I park my car in the lot.  I decide not to carry inside - deliberate decision.  As I am arriving at the counter, a two on one fight breaks out.  Two bad people, male and female, on the clerk who I have known for years.  My first trained reaction - look for anything with an edge.  My second trained reaction - look at the assailants' hands.  They are empty.  I already know that the clerk has help on the way and that he can take care of himself.  I look for a safe exit and decide to take it rather than launch myself into the fight.

The ergonomics of a knife fight (folder or fixed blade), yawara stick, escrima stick, walking stick, sword are basically the same.

You take the skills and apply them to the potential weapon. 

I go to school two days a week.  An active shooter was on a killing spree a few years ago and was finally killed on the college campus.  I carry a folder , a yawara stick, an aircraft aluminum flashlight in the briefcase.  A folder is in my pocket.  If I wear a windbreaker, a folder and leatherman tool are in the jacket as well.  Simple tools.  I don't want to injure my hands in a confrontation.
One of my main defensive EDC's is a pocket full of Kung Fu
I was thinking back and it's hard to believe I started my studies in the martial arts 42 years ago.  Real martial arts, not this tippy-tap sports crap they push today in most schools.  Joint locks were always my specialty at work.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
(03-23-2018, 11:27 PM)Bob Wrote: One of my main defensive EDC's is a pocket full of Kung Fu

^ Confirmed: 
I can still remember what the dirt at #19 gathering taste like.
I had shown Bob how to tie the prussic knot, Bob showed me the importance of balance. 
My main takeaway= DON'T f**k with Bob...

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