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Holster/Leather gear making
Almost done. Besides making a couple mistakes they turned out pretty good. Just need a bit of finishing around the edges then dyed which will cover up the boo boos. That's the RM380 on the left, LCP on the right. They are actually close enough in size that they will fit both holsters, though the RM being thicker is a lot snugger. I probably only have enough dye to finish one. The other will have to wait until I can get back to Tandy Leather next week.

[Image: cTOmoFC.jpg]
This one is done. Turned out pretty good Been wearing it around all morning. The LCP is such a small, light gun that you forget you have it on. The holster is pretty comfortable and the bottom is just about even the bottom of your belt line.

[Image: 4ySz2ax.jpg]

Haven't finished the other one. Debating whether to use the same dye since I have enough to finish it or wait to buy some more of the lighter brown or I could get black or some other color.

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