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New Squirrel Defense Gun
Just picked up a slightly used, LNIB Ruger SR22 pistol from a local guy. It came with 4 extra mags (5 total)  and extra threaded barrel. Got it for a good price.

This is my second one, my wife claimed the first as her HD gun when I'm gone. It is a fun little gun to plink with and makes a dandy trail gun for defense against squirrels.

I wanted a second one as a suppressor host to play with and couldn't pass it up particularly since new ones are about $100 more than they are worth IMO.
My wife's first gun that she purchased on her own was a Ruger SR22 that is purple. I was proud of her when she bought that. Since then she has greatly increased her collection.

With that, my daughter likes shooting it now.
And now, pics

Swapped the barrel out on it and threw on a cut down AR15 flash hider. I have a friend who cuts them down and then threads them to use as muzzle protectors on 22 rifles (and now pistols). They are kinda cool looking.

[Image: nzW1tjN.jpg]

Or I could look uber cool with a competition AR compensator. Only adds about half a pound to the pistol.

[Image: gNpQwxq.jpg]

Kind of funny that I just saw another one for sale on our local gun forum just now. It has a threaded barrel and 3 extra (4 total) mags for $300. That's what I paid for mine but with 5 mags. Since mags are typically $25/ea and the threaded barrel is minimally $105 plus shipping and the cheapest I've seen the basic SR22 new is $279 plus shipping and transfer fee, it seems like a good deal. I personally think the SR22 is a $200 gun but I've never seen one used or otherwise that cheap.

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