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Resource collection and storage
I will relate what I do and hope that people can come up with better suggestions.

I go back in time and I remember the first copy machines.

When I would buy a product, I would make a copy of the manual and put it in a file cabinet.  I wasn't religious in doing so and felt chagrin when I couldn't find the original manual and the company had 1.  gone out of business; 2.  never kept the manual for the sold product; 3. never put a copy of the manual on line.

So, I started making two copies of a manual and storing one with the product and putiting the copy in a file cabinet.

When computers came along, I put a copy into a manuals file.  Big mistake as when I started I did not relabel and start clearly the product and purchase date in the manuals file.  Now it is a jumbled mess.

Along came youtube and I book marked videos and manuals and the book marks became unwieldy. 

So now, I do the following.  I create a separate usb key for different subjects.  One devoted to archery.  One devoted to food preparation.  One devoted to cameras/trapping.
Manuals, you don't need no sticking manuals.

Ok, on key items, I have the manuals on my bookshelf or in a folder. On items that are basically in storage and used rarely, the manual is with the item.

Do i keep the manual for everything? Nope. Should I keep more manuals. Yep, but I also need to toss a lot of manuals. Every few years I go through and clean out the filing cabinet and rediscover items that I had bought just because I found the manual for it.

I also try to find the manual online and toss it into a folder on my OneDrive.

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