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Walking Sticks
I've made a couple hiking staffs. The first was back when I was Scout Master. Hiking staffs were kind of a badge of office for Scout Masters. It is made from a maple sapling. I attached hiking/trail shields from scouts and various other trails and places I used it. I also made one for my wife. We collect the shields and put them on the sticks. Mine has small compass imbedded in the top and a paracord wrapped handle. Each has markings every foot so you can measure stuff or check the depth of water when crossing. I built a rack in my travel trailer for them. Not only does it provide a place to carry them on vacation but to display them.

[Image: qfLhoss.jpg] [Image: KkjrPrJ.jpg][Image: pWAVlB8.jpg]

Now to be honest, I have a hiking shield from just about every trail we've been on that sells them, not all do but I've not necessarily used that stick on all those trails. On our Alaska trip I carried collapsible trekking poles on my carryon backpack. There is no way to take a 5' plus stick on an airplane. But they are a good way to display and remember where one's been. We do still use them as walking sticks however on less strenuous hikes.
They're awesome!
Those are neat poles.
Just some more info on my hiking staffs.

The handle on mine is wrapped in paracord. Both have wrist loops made from paracord. Both have markings every foot that are either carved or, as on my wife's, wood burned in. Mine has a space drilled into it that holds hooks, line and split shot for fishing. It is wrapped in electrical tape to cover that space. Both have hole drilled a inch or so from the bottom that you could tie line (fishing or paracord) to. Hers is made from an oak sapling, mine from maple. Most of the badges are from national parks, monuments, national seashores etc but I've added some pins to mine to signify some meaningful stuff. Lapel pins work well since you can press them and/or glue them on. I have a badge, one from the college I worked at, one for a professional certification I had, several from boy scouts and summer camps. I only have about a foot left of space on mine. My wife started much later has 3 feet of space left. We do have a lot of duplicates but we try to buy different looking badges from the same place.
They're actually multipurpose and something I've been into for a while now. 

Show yours off and discuss!

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I have several. Commercial foldup for airline travel. Sits by the front door. Made some. The one I use every day is used unconventionally. I went to Home Depot and purchased the best quality broom/sweeper handle. On the bottom end I put a furniture protector that fit. At the top, 1 inch down, I drilled a hole. I don't know the name of the second drill bit. It looks like a paddle. I contoured the hole with it. Put 550 cord through.

Here is how I use it. I have to stretch the hamstrings with gravity. This means putting a leg up on a low wall and trying to stretch it out. Don't want to fall, so I use that walking stick as support. Beats paying Kaiser $80 for a physical therapy consult. Took away leg pain.

I also made a staff like used in the middle ages. Interesting. People were a lot shorter then. The staff, as a weapon would never fit vertically through the door openings in those days. How long are they? You put your elbow at your side and the lower arm out at a 90 degree angle. Measure to the floor. That would be half the length. Given my height, the thing turned out to be very heavy and long. If a person could use it, very deadly. Too much to carry.
David has a thread on trekking poles here...
Yes, for trekking poles. I started this thread for what that thread was turning into. I'm keeping the 2 separate.
(02-15-2018, 12:35 AM)JRSC Wrote: Yes, for trekking poles. I started this thread for what that thread was turning into. I'm keeping the 2 separate.

Good idea.

Back when I was involved with scouts I bought the plans for the Wilderness Walking Staff.  The guy who invented it was a fellow scouter.   Kind of over the top but has some good ideas that could be incorporated into one's own ideas.

[Image: VoYr3fX.jpg]

And....I saw this one on ebay. Not thrilled with the design but I like the take apart feature. I know some people use the hardware from take apart pool cues on canes and such. This looks like table leg hardware.

[Image: gNWrJ9y.jpg]
Just as a followup to the WWS I posted. The WWS has a lot of ideas, not that you need to do every one of them. I think it would get pretty cumbersome with all that stuff hanging on it.

I like to wrap a couple feet of duct tape and electrical tape around all my walking sticks and hiking staffs. Always good to have tape.

Another thing I've found handy is to wrap the shaft with a couple feet of bailing wire. Bailing wire is handy for reinforcing things like split walking sticks. You can make pot handles and loops out it, fix hoses, etc, etc. Just a handy thing to have around.

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