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Edged weapons
Edged weapon tactics and counter tactics

From my edged weapon course:

gross motor skilled response that controls the delivery system (such as grasping and holding the limb that is holding the edged weapon) while counter-attacking high % areas is the key.  I've highlighted the three key areas:

  1. Gross motor skilled response.  This doesn't include kicking the knife out of the attacker's hand or some other choreographed response with isn't going to work in real life against a violent, determined attacker.  The response has to be simple, direct and deliberate. 
  2. Control the delivery system.  Grasp and hold the attacking limb to prevent the attacker from freely using that limb.  
  3. Counter-attack a high % area.  Strike/kick/grab at areas of the body that have the highest % chance of disabling, disorienting or incapacitating the attacker in the quickest amount of time possible.  To include the temple, eyes, throat, side of neck, groin, major joints etc.
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