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Any super bowl boycotters here?
I don't see a use for professional sports. If someone wanted to pay me millions to run around and a chase a ball, of course I would take it. Yet, since I don't see a purpose or recieve any enjoyment from watching it, I don't spend my money it.

I understand the argument that using tax money to build stadiums brings jobs. Yet, if the same amount of tax money is invest in other areas of the community would we get a better overall result for the community?

I also don't understand why people think because your team wins an event it is okay to turn into mob and destroy other people's property?

Maybe we should ban sporting events....we could do it for the children.......
I didn't watch it. And, I don't know who won.

A number of years ago, the rules changes made the game much less entertaining and I stopped watching. High school and junior college games are more fun. I particularly like jr. college because 1. the guys playing are doing it because they love the game, and 2. the coaching challenge is great when you will only have a player for two years.
Not hard as I never watched it anyway but sure as hell now I’m not. 
ESPN IS A JOKE too. Political propaganda distribution.

(02-06-2018, 02:49 AM)David Wrote: From what I understand, about 60% of the NFL are felons.  A lot of jobs will can you if you get a felony while employed with them.  NFL should be no different.  I don't agree with treating these athletes (or celebrities for that matter) as some sort of elite royalty that get special treatment the average American wouldn't receive.  I suppose politicians fall into that same group.

I don't agree with tax dollars going to build stadiums.


I will add that no man should be walking around with another mans name on his back.
Be a man yourself, don’t imitate someone else.

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