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N.B.C. gear
I can't believe I'm actually finally asking this, but who has nuke/bio/chem gear. Where did you get it?
I got mine from working in EMS. They got a grant and purchased mask with filters and chem suit (if I remember right it is a level c). When I quit, they had me take it all with me. So, it is in one of our plastic tubs. Most likely the cartridges are expired. We do have some 3m half mask with P100 filters and I have few other filters.

If you want to know what filter for what exposure, here is the book from 3m:

We bought our half mask with the P100 and some N95 mask more so for a pandemic outbreak, plus we have used them when we have done some work around the house creating a lot of dust.

Do we have nuclear gear? Nope. Do I have chemical gear? Not really, a few of the filters we have take care of some chemicals, but not a true NBC filter. We were issued atropine auto injector pen combo (don't remember right now what the other drug was, but they were for nerve gas type attacks), but I to turn that in when I quit. The P100 filter will take care of a lot of the biological, but if you think you might get close enough to someone to exchange body fluid, you should go with a full mask instead of a half mask.
(01-25-2018, 10:47 PM)bmyers Wrote:  but if you think you might get close enough to someone to exchange body fluid, you should go with a full mask instead of a half mask.

Or at least buy them a drink first!

Sorry, I had to..
I have a mask and 5 or 6 unopened filter canisters left over from when I was in th military. Per the training I received in the military, if you don't already have your chem suit on fully buttoned up it is too late. All my mask is good for is tear gas as nerve agents can be absorbed through the skin.
Ok, so, since i started this can of worms, let me toss out my pennies to the world

I am all about reasonable prepping. Meaning, I try to tailor my preps to the most plausible threats in my area. That's a very subjective thing, but that's my choice. For instance, I live in a pretty neutral, easy going city. Not really worried about civil unrest/riots here.

Having said that, NK is concerning me a little bit.

Having said THAT, I don't live near any real big targets, and I'm also pretty far inland, in Texas

Having said THAT THAT, let's play this out a bit

Nukes= If we had a direct strike in the middle of the city, where I work, I'd more than likely be toast. On the bright side, the buildings I work in do have thick walls and basements, so there is a chance. But, I'd have to wait out the radiation for I think 2 weeks before it would be safe to go outside (trying to research that). Then, I'd have to walk home, 6 miles, through the fall out. Yuck. That's gonna be tough.

From a prep perspective, really not a lot that can be done about it, assuming I'm at work.
If I was at home, is 'duct tape and plastic sheeting' still valid to cover up the windows to stop fallout from coming in?

Bio= I never thought I'd buy a gas mask, but I don't think its unreasonable now. Question is, where to get them from?

Chem= same as bio.. Chem suit I can buy, but what about masks?
If you are up wind, 3 days miniumum. Other than that, 2 weeks

The above link is to a program that lets you put in different level of nukes, ground or air level detention. Change wind direction and speed, all that good stuff. You can end up playing with it for a while. It is interesting how all the different variables will come into play making your location safe or not.

As far as mask, I seen one (which I think I posted in a thread on this forum) that seems to cover a lot, but since I haven't heard of them, I'm hesitant to recommend them. In addition watch buying foreign mask especially Russian made because in their older filters they used asbestos material for the filter.
The Israeli Military spec gas mask is one of the higher rated masks and it uses the NATO standard spin on filters. Be aware that a mask needs to be fitted for the shape and size of your face. Also you need to be clean shaven for it to be effective.

There are different levels of filters. Back during Desert Storm the AF had a very good filter but it did not flow enough filtered air to allow strenuous work. The Army and Marines had a higher flowing filter but they didn't filter down as far. The NATO standard mask have a special valve threading design that will allow changing of a filter while in a contaminated area. Depending on the level of filtration and level of contamination a filter will last an hour to 6 hours.

If you are concerned about nuclear contamination potassium iodide tablets would be a must have item. These tablets overload your system with iodide so that you will absorb less contamination.
I have shelves full of Nuke reference stuff. Everything from building shelters to CBRN manuals. Been to a few classes when I was in emergency management as well. I think everybody should have a gas mask and a hazard suit but the chances are really, really slim that you would ever use it. I've mentioned before that I started prepping when Jimmy Carter got elected. The preps I bought back then are still waiting to be used.

If you look at any risk/threat matrix, nuke stuff is pretty low on the priority list.

I did look at the nuke map for my area and I'd be safe from anything but the largest Russian or US nuke. Don't see it happening.
Upgrade to a Jlist chem suit. It is a lot more comfortable and easier to get into than the old charcoal suits.

I did 4 years as a CBRN in the Air Guard. The biggest thing I learned is that if chemical weapon have been deployed and in your area you are not in a suit then you are history. Pretty much the same with nuclear but it takes longer.

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