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Keto diet
Congrates! You should be very proud of yourself for making your goal.
(08-13-2018, 05:29 PM)bmyers Wrote: Congrates! You should be very proud of yourself for making your goal.

I feel pretty good about it though the goal has changed over time. The first goal was 36 lbs. Then an even 40. Then I kind of cruised for a month or so but it found it so easy to lose weight I said "what the heck, I can lose another 10 lbs."  When that came off I thought, "I wonder if I can get close to my BMI'.  That wasn't as hard as I anticipated since I already lower than I'd been since I was 16 years old.  The next step was  "I'll try to reach my BMI".
Finished the last of my three fitness goals for the summer. I rode 104 miles on my bike today (Sunday)

1. Hike 10+ miles with a backpack
2. Do 200+ floors on the stairclimber
3. Ride my bike 100 miles
End of Week 32. +4.3 . Total to date 58.7

Was out of almonds for the first 5 days of the week and therefore was constipated. Bulked up on cheese and almonds the last couple days in preparation for my big ride on Sunday.

I've since cleaned out my system and am back to my normal weight.
End of week 33. -4.9. Total to date -63.6.

BMI is 24.8

Back to my target weight. Last week was an anomaly. Ate pretty much the same thing as the week before (except the almonds).

Walked just over 15 miles this week and did 220 floors on the stair stepper one day.

Leaving Thursday for our backpacking trip to the Amazon and Peru's Machu Pichu. So this will be the last report for a couple weeks.
End of week 36. -.5. total to date -64.1

BMI is 24.7

It's been three weeks since I weighed in due to my trip to Peru. I assume I lost some weight while on the hike but then again I wasn't eating strictly keto but pretty close. Had to eat carbs a few times. I actually cheated and had a beer (loaded with carbs) at the end of 4 days on the trail. On the other hand I think I proved that you don't need carbs on high energy endeavors.* We were burning a lot of calories on the Inca trail and I was eating very few carbs.

Everything I read before going said you need to carb load for high energy activity. They also say to carb load in high altitude. I didn't have any problem energy wise or high altitude wise. I pretty much ate keto foods.

I did a 24 hour fast when I got home just to re-regulate myself and get back to my normal eating habits.

*kind of proven before hand when I rode my bike 100 miles without eating any carbs. Burned over 6500 calories and did fine that day.

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