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Keto diet
End of week 23. -.6. Total to date -50.7

BMI is 26.4
End of week 24. +2.1. Total to date -48.6

Don't know what happened this week to gain 2 lbs. it's an anomaly. , I ate pretty well. Been snacking on almonds and cheese at night though. Going to have to cut those out and see what happens.
End of Week 25. -4.7. Total to date -53.3

BMI is at 26.1 (shooting for a BMI of 24.9)

Basically just watched what I ate this week a bit closer and cut out the snacking at night. I also did some 30+ mile bike rides and got to the gym a couple times.
End week 26. -2.1. Total to date -55.4

BMI is 25.8

Did a 9+ mile hike this week as well as a 43 mile bike ride
End of week 28. +.4. Total to date -55

Notice that there was no week 27 report, was busy hiking in the mountains and away from a scale

Now that it been over 7 months on keto I thought I would fill in how it's going. It has become a lifestyle in my house now that the wife tried it. She has lost 12 lbs and feels a lot better. We both eat keto and cook keto everyday. When we go out we don't have any trouble finding keto friendly foods to eat. I've lost 55 lbs which is good enough and actually more that I intended. I am shooting for another 7 lbs to get to my ideal BMI just to see what that feels like. But I'm not pushing it.
End of week 29. -1.2. Total to date -56.2

BMI is 25.7

Went to the gym and lifted 3 times last week.

Rode my bike 39.5 miles

Walked/hiked 16 miles.

Also did 65 mins/189 floors on the stair climber.
End week 30. -4.5 . Total to date -60.7

I am now two pounds away from my "ideal" BMI so the push is on.

BMI is 25.2 (shooting for 24.9 or less)

Worked out with weights 3 times this week.

Did 63 minutes, 202 floors on the stair climber.

My bike was broken down this week so I only got in 27 miles one day.

Only got 6 miles of hiking in this week as well.

holding stable here but who knows after next vacation trip ( as I tend to overdo )
I fixed my bike and rode 42 miles yesterday (thurs) and 70 miles today (friday).

6+ hours in the saddle Friday and expended 4500 calories. The bad news is that I was riding against the wind going out. The good news is that I had a tail wind most of the way back. I was feeling pretty good and could have gone another 30 miles but it was getting late in the afternoon. A little saddle sore but feel confident that I can now do 100 miles. I ate and rested for thirty minutes at the half way point. The only thing I ate today was two meat sticks and three cheese sticks.

Edited to add: I also rode 26.5 miles on Saturday and 32 miles on Sunday.
End of Week 31. -2.6 . Total to date -63.3

Rode 179 miles on my bike in the last 4 days.
Walked 5 miles one day.

BMI is now 24.9. I am now at my ultimate goal.

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