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Keto diet
(02-12-2018, 03:13 PM)JRSC Wrote: My wife is doing this. While I'm seeing some progress, her feet and ankles swell and she gets to where she doesn't feel good sometimes. Personally I think she needs more exercise than the diet.

Every diet affects people differently.   I had a couple friends do this and neither did much of any exercise. One lost 67 lbs in 13 months the other 30.

I on the other hand tend to overdue things. I tend to work out too hard and push the weight loss too quickly. But then again I've dieted enough times to know how I am going to feel at every stage. The biggest issue I have on this diet is chronic constipation.  I'm dealing with it but its is uncomfortable.
So staying well hydrated is a key to this diet. Not sure how much she's drinking.
In The Age Of Information, Ignorance Is A Choice.
One of the things they recommend for the Keto diet it fasting. It helps stimulate ketosis. They recommend either an 18 hour or 24 hour fast. The 18 hr one typically runs from dinner to lunch the next day, approximately from 6 pm-noon. the 24 hour one typically runs from dinner to dinner (approx. 6-6 pm). I've managed to do at least one or the other (sometimes both) at least once a week. I try to time the 24 hour one on the day I take off from working out.

I've found the 18 hour one pretty easy. I tend not to be very hungry in the morning anyway. So after a cup of coffee first thing I drink water till noon and then eat.

After doing that a few times I've found that if I can get to noon I can usually get to 6 pm without eating as well. I typically have one cup of coffee in the morning and another around 2-3 pm. Initially I needed another cup around noon to keep be going but I've been able to cut back to my regular 2 cups a day.

The dinner to lunch or dinner to dinner fast is easier for me than noon to noon or noon to 8 am or some other time.
I took a second day off from working out yesterday, mostly because I had to go take care of my dad which is exhausting and partly because I wanted to see if an every other day off would effect my diet this week. Won't really know until my weigh in on Monday.

I did an 18 hour fast from last night today, didn't eat till noon and then worked out in the afternoon. Didn't really intend to fast, just wasn't very hungry. Did 15 minutes on the elliptical and then a weight circuit on the machines then 15 mins on the treadmill.

I am back at my dad's tomorrow so am debating not working out or just grabbing a quick workout before or after I go down there.
I opted to take the day off yesterday in terms of exercise. That means I only worked out every other day this week since I did work out today (Saturday). Having the day off yesterday meant I felt pretty energetic today. I actually did a 6x12 today. 6x12 is 6 exercises for 12 minutes each back to back for a total of 72 minutes/840 calories.

I will also work out tomorrow because weigh in is on Monday which starts week 7. I only take care of my dad two days next week so I will be pushing the workouts, though it kind of depends on how much if any weight I lose this week.

I did fast twice last week. A 24 hour one on Monday and a 18 hour one on Thursday. That should help offset the lack of workouts.

My WAG for Monday's weigh in is...based on the fact that I didn't work out three days last week,.... between 2 & 3 lbs. We'll see.

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