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Keto diet
Something else you can try for a low/no carb snack is Parmesan cheese. I buy it by the block and cut it into 1/2" wide 1/4" thick and however wide the block of cheese is. I can drop a couple of slices into a ziplock bag and because it is a hard cheese it will not melt unless you are in triple digit temps. Also almonds and pecans work as well.

I have type 2 diabetes and I try to count carbs. The Keto diet is close to what I have been eating since I was diagnosed. For some good recipes check out
Thanks for the tip and the link. Always looking for new stuff to try.

I'm going to buy some Parmesan cheese. I've been eating cheddar. I do eat almonds when I remember to buy some, been going to get pecans. Going to Hawaii so gotta buy some Macadamias when I'm there.
Week 14 numbers are in....Weigh in +1.7 total to date -40.3

Still at or under my goal so that's a good thing. Gained a bit but that's within the 1-2 lb variation I see throughout the week.

All my numbers were up this week, calories, fats, proteins and carbs. My workout cals were down a bit but that's because I've been doing more weights and less cardio. Because I've been doing more weights I added more protein. Still not able to shake the calorie counting habit. My cals were way up this week on purpose. I averaged over 1200/day and had several over 1500 and one over 1700. I'm trying to correlate my cals with how I feel and what my weight will be at the end of the week.

The challenge this week is that we are leaving on vacation tomorrow. This will disrupt my last 14 weeks of exercise but then again the trip was the point of the diet. We do have lots of activities planned so I should stay pretty active and I will have access to a gym at least some of the time if I can fit it in. If I feel I am gaining weight I can always use intermittent fasting to get back or stay in ketosis. Today is a cardio day at the gym and will my last for awhile.
I ate strictly keto for about 3 months and lost nearly 30 lbs (220 lbs down to 193 lbs, 190 is the goal). I slacked off a few times and have been bouncing between 195 and 198 (ish). I also slacked off on my physical activity as well, so there's that. I think keto can been sustainable if you're diligent in cooking dinners at home and being prepared for lunch and snacks, but its really easy to get off track eating fast food or at resturaunts. Most fast food places won't bat an eye if you ask for a burger with no bun. A supersonic cheeseburger with no bun from Sonic is pretty keto friendly. So is a double quarter pounder from McDonalds.

Anyway, I like how I feel on a keto diet. More energy, I feel lighter, less/no bloating or gas. I just need to plan better.
I'm back from 18 days on vacation in Hawaii, 7 of which was on a cruise. It was very easy to eat keto on the cruise as the always had a wide variety of meats and other high fat stuff (cheese etc). Cruises have buffets, a main dining room (MDR) and specialty restaurants. We usually ate b'fast in the buffet (though a couple times in the MDR). Since we were ashore every day we picked up sandwiches (or in my case chicken breasts or something similar) at the supermarket deli and ate on the road, sides and snacks for me were usually cheese, nuts and pork rinds. Dinners were typically in the MDR on the ship though we did eat dinner in the specialty dining twice and ashore once.

I did keep track of what I ate though I didn't count calories or macros. I didn't work out at all but we were pretty active. Typically we got up early, were gone all day and went to dinner late. We did a lot of hiking, swimming, snorkeling, exploring, walking. We did several 10+ mile day hikes. My wife's fit bit usually recorded over 8 or 9 miles a day of walking. And we went snorkeling several times for a couple hours at a time. .

I weighed myself Friday when we got home and I was up 4 lbs. I weighed myself Sunday morning and I was within 2 lbs of my pre vacation weight. Monday is my weigh in day normally so I will start again (un) officially on Monday.

Edited to add. Weigh in this morning (Monday) End Week 17... - .3 lbs from my pre vacation weight. Total to date is -42.3 I'm guessing the initial weight gain was "water weight" after sitting on a plane for 12 hours. I am pretty happy with keto. I ate well on vacation, didn't work out at all and ended up within a couple ounces of my initial weight.
End Week 18 Weigh in....  -3.2    Total to date -45.5

This week was a surprise.  Didn't work out at all, pretty much ate what I usually did and lost -3.2 lbs. But....I'm not trying to lose weight anymore.  Confused

I've come to realize that while the "eat fat/ burn fat"  thing is what Keto is all about, in reality simply cutting out the bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and sweets cuts 1/2 to 2/3 of the calories out of one's diet. You're going to lose weight just by doing that. The biggest challenge I've found on keto is finding enough other stuff to eat.

My challenge for week 19 is to eat more.  I am at my lowest weight in 30 years and probably the best condition since then as well. Not really a bad thing for a 63 year old, but I need to get my weight stable.
End of week 19 weigh in. + .2 total to date -45.3

Basically no change this week. Pretty much on autopilot in terms of eating. I didn't work out at all this past week due to getting the inlaw's new apartment moved in and set up. They are now settled in so that's done with. I did ride my bike 17 miles once last week, first ride of the year. Back to the gym starting today.

Both my wife and daughter have started keto as of today.
End of Week 20... -2.7. Total to date -48 lbs.

So I ran across a BMI (body mass index) calculator this week which indicates that I am still overweight.

The normal range is a BMI score of 18.5-24.9. I am currently at 26.8

Since this keto diet is so easy I decided to try to get a little closer to the "normal" range and see how I feel and look. "Normal" would be to lose another 14 lbs. Not sure I can do that, I have loose skin hanging off me as it is.

So to lose weight this week I did a couple 18 hour fasts (basically just skipped breakfast a couple days) and worked out again a couple times. In addition I started to ride my bike 15-17 miles about every other day. I'll work up to 20-30 miles in a week or two then 30-40 etc until I reach 100.

I am going to take further weight loss slow and easy.

And...both my wife and daughter each lost 4.5 and 4 lbs respectively in their first week on keto.
End of week 21....+.7. Total to date -47.3

No fasts or anything special this week. I did manage to ride my bike 3 times including a 22, 25 & 17 miler. Also did an 8 mile hike and made it to the gym once. Now that the weather is a bit warmer I am trying to get outside more.

My daughter lost 2.7 and my wife lost .7 lbs this week on keto.
End of week 22....-2.8 . Total to date -50.1

Did 2- 5+ mile hikes and three 20+ mile bike rides this week. Went to the gym once.

BMI is 26.5

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