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Keto diet
I will share some information picked up over the course of many years. This relates to diet.

I took a university level class in food origins; not diets. From that course, I learned that what was "conventional knowledge" about food and cultural diet was in error.
People associate pizza with Italy. My favorite, Pizza Marguerite, was first done in 1870. Then, it was a usual honor to name a dish after a person. She was a princess who came to Naples for a visit. Tomatoes were not native to Italy, and they came from the New World only with the Spanish explorers. Water buffalo cheese came from China about the time of Marco Polo. Wheat was not traditional. At one time, Europe was covered by so many trees that it was said that you could go across Europe without touching the ground. The ground up base for bread at the time of the Etruscan was acorn flour. The Etruscan diet breakfast were field greens cooked on top of a flat piece of acorn bread.
People associate potatoes with the Irish. Again, potatoes came from Peru.
People associate hot peppers with SE Asia. It came from the New World. Ditto to corn.

I was associating the production of rhum with the New World. So, I did some research yesterday. The grass that held sugar came from SE Asia! It gradually spread to the west. At first, it was expensive and doctors used it as medicine. Then the Egyptians revolutionized the growing. I already knew that the first Queen Elizabeth had black teeth because only rich people could afford sugar in her time. However, time progressed and it became commercially viable to raise sugar beets.

And, a last myth. People think that the people of Hunza, a remote section of Pakistan, have special genes to live a long time. Absolutely, wrong. When Alexander was marching towards India (and yes, I saw a fort he built in Afghanistan and I have been to Pakistan), a group of his officers plotted to kill him. He got wind of the plot! The officers found out he had learned of the plot as well! So, the officers went north in Pakistan to where the Hunza lived while Alexander continued south and east in India. The officers slaughtered the locals in the mountains and kept the women. The descendants are the Hunza of today. Until the Red Chinese put in a road a couple of years ago, you walked. It was 3000 feet elevation between the river and you carrying the soil in baskets up the mountains to small plots of otherwise barren land. When you went anywhere, you walked. When you retired, you worked on maintaining the road, with hand labor.

The closest thing to a "Mediterranean diet" is what the diet is in the boot of Italy. Virtually no deserts. Pasta once a week. Vegetables in abundance and few fruit. Fish.

US diet. Until WW2, most people had meat only one meal a week. Meat three times a day came with WW2 GIs. Very few two car families. No television. No fast food franchises. Few people went to restaurants.

I was born at the end of the War. We went out to a restaurant once a year just to practice table manners. My late wife never went out to a restaurant until she was in college. In Los Angeles, we got the car and drove to one of the two local dairy farms in the San Fernando Valley once a week to buy gallons of milk.

This am, I had steamed collard greens/string beans/mustard greens for breakfast. Time to knock off the fast foods.
Tues and Wed were Dad care days on the other side of town so I skipped working out. I did a 6x14 today (84 mins) (6 machines x 14 mins each) for a total of 1076 calories on the heart rate monitors. Legs were pretty tired after but if I had been paying attention I would have pushed it to 1100 cals just because that's the way I am. Wink
One of the concepts of keto is to eat healthy fats. Butter is actually good for you, real butter not margarine. Olive oil is very good for you. I cook just about everything in it. High in calorie and fat but actually good. Food manufacturers have paid doctors since the 1960s to say that fat is bad and that we need a low fat high carb diet. Carbs turn to glucose for fast energy in our system and then are converted by insulin into fat. Since we eat so many more carbs than we burn, the excess goes into fat production.

If however, you don't eat carbs, your body will start to burn fat directly as energy. That process is called ketosis and is the concept behind the keto diet. Turn your body into a direct fat burning engine. Consequently you are not storing fat, you're burning it. To lose weight on keto you have to keep your carbs under 20 grams/day.

As for healthy stuff to eat. Above ground grown green veggies are best since they have vitamins and are low carb. Add fat (meat and other) to them by cooking in butter or olive oil and covering with cheese.

Fast food is not bad for you, just skip the bread/buns. A typical hamburger bun is 40-50 carbs. A Double Cheese Burger at McDonalds is 280 cals, 20 gr Fat, 20 grs Protein and 5 Carbs without the bun. You can find charts online that list most fast food that you can eat on keto.

Of course chicken and salads etc all fall into keto as long as you don't get breaded chicken and skip the buns and croutons in the salads. Most ketchup is high carb because it is loaded with sugar. Mustard generally isn't. Also best to check and skip sauces (bar-b-q, honey mustard, tomato etc) except for high calories salad dressings. Sauces are loaded with sugar. Don't use low fat dressings or low fat anything else.

I mentioned before that one of my favorite lunches is something I call a "Fat Dog". Basically a hot dog 160 cals, 15 g fat, 6 gr protein, 4 carbs, split and fried in olive oil along with onion, peppers and mushrooms. I then cover the hotdog with the sauted' onions etc and then melt shredded chedder cheese over the whole mess. Total numbers is around 300 cals, 33 fat, 11 pros, 6 carbs.

I often have "fat eggs" for b'fast. Basically I whip up a couple eggs using sour cream. I fry the onions, peppers and mushrooms in olive oil and then add them and ham or bacon and cheese to the eggs either as an omelette or scrambled. 300 cals, 18 fat, 22 protein, 2 carbs. Of course you can use one egg if you want a "skinny, fat egg," that cuts about 70 cals.

The same fixins on a hamburger makes a "Fat Burger" which is about 320 cals. 40 fat, 30 pro, 7 carbs.

You can change up the fixins. I happen to like onions, mushrooms and bell peppers but you can use whatever. You can add or substitute other meats such as ham, sausage, bacon, steak, venison, etc as well as different cheeses etc.

One of my dinners is a chicken breast fried in olive oil with some seasoning (no carbs) along with a green tossed salad, ranch dressing and a bowl of steamed cauliflower and/or broccoli, with butter and cheese melted over it. 457 cals, 49 fat, 36 pro, 6 carbs. very satisfying.

One of the local restaurants makes a grilled chicken salad which is pretty good. It is (with ranch dressing) 645 cals, 30 fat, 34 pro and 8 carbs. It is huge and very filling.

So I could eat a Fat egg for b'fast, tuna salad (mayo) for lunch 310 cals, 8 fat, 26 pro, 3 carbs, and the Chicken salad, fat burger, or chicken with salad/califlower for dinner and be full and still be in the weight losing zone.

Finally, I am learning to not count calories but instead count "macros". Macros are those fat, protein and carb grams. If you can keep them in the right proportions/percentages you don't have to worry about calories.

The one thing about eating fat and protein is that 1. They are very filling and 2. They stay with you a lot longer than carbs.
I am the managing partner of a farming LLC.  We raise soybeans.  Mac66, you correct, margarine and other soy products are not good for you.  I know the marketing hype that it is supposed to be ok, but it isn't.  Historically, few people consumed soybean products.  It is now used as a cooking oil in places like Red China.

Simply cut out:  sodas, potatoes, rice, desserts.  I had left over roast beef, collard greens and mustard greens for dinner.
Numbers for week 12 are in. Weigh In today- +.2 lb Total to date -40.1

Yeah I gained 2/10s of a pound or about 3 ounces.

I increased my calories by over 1100 this week and averaged about 1100 day. That's the highest to date. Needless to say I am simply trying to maintain my weight at this point.

I did take two days off from working out this week consequently my workout calories are down.

Bottom line, I am eating more and maintaining my weight. That's what I am trying to do.
Kudos.. All sounds good mac... now comes the hard part ; maintaining
(04-02-2018, 04:13 PM)Tom Mac Wrote: Kudos.. All sounds good mac... now comes the hard part ; maintaining

Yeah, the hard part is maintaining and I think the only way to do that is by making keto a lifestyle choice.   

We had a big (extended) family Easter Dinner yesterday with all the goodies. The good news is that things like deviled eggs and ham are good to go on this diet. I had salad/dressing, deviled eggs and lots of ham and felt satisfied.  Was kinda missing the cheesy potatoes, rolls, appetizers and sweets/deserts but I held the line.

And today I started Dave's  5x5 weight training workouts. We'll see how that goes.
Yea.. same issue here but wife's Italian cooking always makes me loose a week till I get back down Smile
I started Dave's 5x5 weight training program the day before yesterday. I was smart enough to start out with pretty low weights but was a little bit sore yesterday which was a 'dad care' rest day. I was back at it today. I like it. My plan is to incorporate it into my routine every other day. I will do cardio in between weight days. Nice change up in the routine.

Leave on vacation a week from next tuesday (part of the reason for the diet). One aspect of the vacation is a 7 day cruise, the other 8 days is mostly hiking, walking and more hiking which is the point of the workouts. Should be interesting to see if I can stay on keto during this time.

Oh, and I bought a pair of Merrell Moab 2 low vent hiking shoes. I have a pair of Moab 2 high top boots I bought last fall for hunting. I love them but I wanted/needed some low tops for warm weather hiking this time. Moabs get good marks and they are very comfortable right out of the box. Been wearing them for a few days.

I like Moabs so much I may get the mid height waterproof ones for our Peru backpacking trip in Sept. It's winter there in Sept and though they don't get snow where we are going to be it is very cool at night in the mountains and it is very misty/dewy in the mornings.
Week 13 is over, weigh in today... -1.7. Total to date -42

My numbers were up this week in terms of calories, but down minimally in fat and protein. I haven't been as careful counting those but I am averaging over 1100 cals/day. I actually hit 1300 a couple times and 1500 once. I am not purposely trying to lose weight anymore, but it's hard to ramp up the cals after holding back for so long. I just don't feel that hungry anymore. Frankly my weight varies 1-3 lbs every day anyway. After documenting everything I've been eating for 13 weeks I have a pretty good idea of what I eat and what the results will be.

The big change this past week in terms of work outs is that I started the 5x5 last monday and did it Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun with my cardio workouts on alternate days. I take Tuesday off for Dad care. My workout cals were up by 440 but that's deceptive because lifting burns calories beyond the time you are actually doing it. I only count the cals burned at the gym whereas heavy lifting burns cals for a long time after.

No challenges this week, pretty much same same. I'll do my cardio today (65 mins on the treadmill) take tomorrow off and start the 5x5 again on Wed.

Keto snack of the day: Pre cooked packaged bacon. Doesn't need refrigeration until you open it and then it will last quite a while anyway. Two pieces is 80 cals, 7 grs fat, 5 proteins and 1 carb. If my numbers are down at the end of the day I will sometimes grab two or three pieces to chew on.

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