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Keto diet
good for you mac
I think that the members understand that not only are there different diets in different cultures, the diets have changed over the centuries.

A couple of examples. Potatoes come from Peru. However, it is a staple of the Irish diet. Water buffalo cheese did not exist in Italy until around 1400 and tomatoes came from the New World. Moreover, if you go back to ancient Europe, the Etruscans (where the Italians live now) used acorn and not wheat flour.

Dr. Grundy of Beverly Hills decided to look at the diet of the Great Apes. This is the nearest creature next to man in the evolutionary tree (if you believe in evolution). The closest current human diet would be from the boot of Italy. Contrary to popular lore, the people there eat pasta only about one meal a week and virtually no desserts. They eat primarily greens and fruits - not potatoes/bread/rice.

Now, I am eating things like kale/collard greens/dandilion greens/beet greens/turnip greens and sprouted mung beans. On my last check up, my doctor wrote my that my blood sugar had gone way down.
And it was in the 1960s that food manufacturers started to create processed foods and adding sugar (fructose etc) to everything. They (food industry) also commissioned reports and paid doctors to push a high carb, low fat diet. That low fat, high carb diet has become the standard nutritional model even though we know it is wrong. We also know that by adding sugar to everything people tend to eat more, crave more, eat more. Consequently the surge in diabetes and other diet related ailments in our society. Eating carbs is not necessarily bad but the loaded with sugar processed food we eat way to much of, is turned and stored as fat, hence the obesity problem we have in this country.

Veggies are great, fruit not so much because it triggers insulin release in the blood. Interestingly, doctors are using keto to treat diabetes.
Since this is my diet blog, I am going to add my exercise routine to it. Generally speaking, at least during the period of this diet I've been working out 5 or 6 days a week. The last few weeks it's been 5 days.

During the period of the diet I am mostly just trying to get into condition and burn calories. Later I will start training for specific things like hiking and backpacking in preparation for my trips.

Routines are fine but boring so I try to change exercises frequently but there is only so much you can do at Planet Fitness. Weather is still cold here so no bike riding yet.

Typically I warm up on the elliptical. The purpose of that is get the heart rate up before doing anything else.

I've found the elliptical to be low impact on my knees and I've tested it against all the other machines and found that I can get more calories burn for the time than any other machine except perhaps the stair stepper which I hate doing (but will be doing a lot more of as I get closer to my Inca Trail trip)

After 10-15 minutes on the elliptical I do either the 30 minute room, weight machine circuit, heavy weight machines or one or more of the other cardio machines. I often go back and then do another 12-15 minutes on the elliptical or the treadmill. I only just started doing the treadmill about halfway through my diet. Wasn't fond of it before but am getting to like it now.

I've also been doing something I call the 6x10 or 6x12. That is 6 machines times 10 or 12 minutes on each. I will do 10-12 minutes on the elliptical, then treadmill, recumbent bike, stair climber, regular bike and then back on the elliptical with no rest in between. Sometimes I do the treadmill first and last. 6x10 is 60 minutes, 6x12 is 72 minutes. Calorie burn it usually around 850 though the last time I did it I kicked it up to 954 calories. If I add resistance/higher level or one minute per machine more, I could easily burn 1000 cals.

I've been increasing the level to increase calorie burn. It's actually more efficient to increase the level than to increase the time. I can burn more calories at level 18 in 20 minutes than I can at level 12 in 30 minutes. That saves me time.

Last week, I had some dental surgery and they told me not to go anything strenuous for 3 days. I went to the gym and walked the treadmill for an hour while listening to an audio book. At the incline and speed I walked I did 700 calories. I kind of liked that so the next day I upped the speed but got 750 calories and the the third day I upped it to 755 calories. Sunday I went back to my normal routine but did 60 minutes on the treadmill yesterday (monday) and did 800 calories.

The other thing I do once a week is the Peak 8. Takes only 20 minutes but it is basically you warm up for 3 minutes, the go full speed for 30 seconds, back off for 90 seconds. Do that at 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, and 17 minute marks and then cool down the last 2.5 minutes. That's 8 cycles. Basically it's just interval training. You can do it on the bike, elliptical, treadmill (walk, run, walk or walk fast, walk) stair stepper or whatever. It's supposed to stimulate your short burst muscles (fight or flight). I guarantee that regardless of your condition your legs and lungs will be burning. Once it becomes easier, you up the level/resistance and burn again. Just once a week. It's a good thing to do on busy days when you don't have an hour to two to work out at the gym.

Today I did 15 mins warm up on the elliptical, heavy weights (bench, leg press, curls, lat pulls, situps etc) and then 20 mins on the treadmill.

When/if the weather breaks I will be back on my bike and will begin long bike rides and trail hikes in addition to the gym.
Done eating for Week 9 so the numbers are in. Weigh in is Monday (tomorrow) morning.

Gross calorie intact was an all time high this week and was 1143 more than last week. That's an average of 901 cals/day. Gross calorie burn was 147 less than week 8. Net calories a day was 407. That's 182/day more than week 8. My goal was to eat over 900 gross cals/day in week 9 so I got that. I did have three days over 1000 cals and two of those were over 1100. One of those 1100 days I did 954 cals at the gym so it does balance out somewhat.

I managed to eat three meals a day all but one day. I skipped breakfast that day and didn't eat till lunch. Wasn't intentional, I got up and out that morning and didn't think about eating until I got home after lunch.

I am guessing that the increased intake and decreased output will result in less if any weight loss this week. My goal was to stabilize so a small or no loss would be satisfactory.

Providing I lost the last .4 of a pound I will have reached my goal this week. The challenge now is to figure out how to adapt the keto diet to real life i.e, from now on.

I haven't cheated or had any big temptations but on the other hand I haven't done anything in 9 weeks. The only eating out I've done is the food service where my dad lives. I go there two days a week. I can pretty much just order a burger or hotdog and eat it without the bun along with a salad. I do however often skip eating there.

At some point I will have to socialize with other human beings at family gathering and such. I pretty much know to eat meat, cheese, fatty stuff and salads. If it's a pizza party I'm told to eat the toppings and not the crust and/or bring your own keto pizza.

Exercise wise I plan on just keep doing what I've been doing. Probably 5 days this week at the gym doing the same routines I've been doing.

I think my goal for week 10 is ...
-try at least one new keto recipe
-drink a lot more water, this constipation is still getting me down
-keep the calorie intake up to at least 900/day and see where that puts me next week

I don't have any specific challenges next week, pretty much same ole' same ole'.
Today's weigh in for Week 9 was interesting. -0 Total to date 36.0 lbs

No weight loss at all, I weighed exactly the same as last week. Considering I ate more and did less in week 9 than in week 8. I suppose that is a good thing. It does give me a baseline of what I can do from now on. I'm guessing that some of week 8 was water loss since I was drinking a lot more water in week 9.

I am now at my 4 year low in weight which feels pretty good. I hovered within 5 lbs of that weight for 3.5 years until about a year ago then gained 36 lbs.
Week 10 Weigh In Today -2.4 total to date 38.4 lbs.

I'm not going to go into the numbers this week. Suffice to say that I tried to reach a compromise between what I ate last week i.e, more and what I ate the week before i.e, less. I didn't actually reach any of the goals set last week, I simply ate a little less and worked out a little more. My weight loss was less but I felt pretty good this week.

I've kept a pretty comprehensive log of every thing I've eaten, every calories I've taken in and out (exercise) since Week 2 and the results. That log makes it pretty easy to look at each week and decide what to eat knowing what the result will be. If I do this, I can expect this. If I do that, I can expect that result. Easy, peasy.

My goal was to lose 36.4 lbs in 10 weeks, I've done 38.4.

My goal now is to simply maintain that weight. I've gotten pretty used to eating keto, still have not cheated and feel no desire to reward myself by eating bread, pasta, rice, corn, cake or anything sweet. The biggest issue on keto is balancing enough fats to eat with your protein i.e, getting the right percentages. From here on out the challenge is trying to incorporate keto into a lifestyle.
Week 11 Weigh in today... -2.1 total to date 40.5

Numbers for Week 11.

All categories were up this week and were the highest in all categories except workout calories (2nd highest). My gross cals were about 250 more than my next highest which was week 9. All the other numbers were just slightly higher than week 9. If the results are about the same as week 9 I shouldn't have lost any weight this week.

I worked out 6 of 7 days in week 11, though I cut back and did a short workout one day.

I don't know if I am just tired of dieting or just tired of eating keto but this week was the first week I've started to crave other food. Perhaps psychologically I feel the diet is over and that I can go back to "normal" food but I've been struggling the last 3-4 days being hungry in the evenings. I've been eating almonds as a snack which is allowed. They are high in calories, fat, have some protein and a few carbs. The do satisfy the craving for something crunchy but you have to be careful not to eat too many of them.

The challenge as I see it now is to transition into some type of "normal" eating habits while still incorporating keto as the primary source of food intake. One way to do that is to stop counting calories. They actually tell you not to count calories on keto. I find it difficult however to not count them when you are counting fat, protein and carbs. It's kind of a natural thing to do particularly when I'm still not eating more than about 900 cals a day. I really need to boast the cals by eating more fat to over 1000/day and then keep working that up.

Goals for week 12
-increase calories to 1000+/day
-eat more fat
Good for you Mac66 Smile .

I  researched the diet.  Seems fine.
After decades of losing weight and then gaining it all back over and over again I realize that I am sensitive to carbs/sugar. I don't do drugs or drink much alcohol but I can't eat for very long without binging. That sure sounds like addiction to me. If that is the case then I have to accept the fact that I simply can't eat carbs/sugar. Keto is a way for me to avoid those trigger foods and still eat. We'll see if I can incorporate it into a lifestyle.

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