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Keto diet
(02-12-2018, 03:13 PM)JRSC Wrote: My wife is doing this. While I'm seeing some progress, her feet and ankles swell and she gets to where she doesn't feel good sometimes. Personally I think she needs more exercise than the diet.

Every diet affects people differently.   I had a couple friends do this and neither did much of any exercise. One lost 67 lbs in 13 months the other 30.

I on the other hand tend to overdue things. I tend to work out too hard and push the weight loss too quickly. But then again I've dieted enough times to know how I am going to feel at every stage. The biggest issue I have on this diet is chronic constipation.  I'm dealing with it but its is uncomfortable.
So staying well hydrated is a key to this diet. Not sure how much she's drinking.
One of the things they recommend for the Keto diet it fasting. It helps stimulate ketosis. They recommend either an 18 hour or 24 hour fast. The 18 hr one typically runs from dinner to lunch the next day, approximately from 6 pm-noon. the 24 hour one typically runs from dinner to dinner (approx. 6-6 pm). I've managed to do at least one or the other (sometimes both) at least once a week. I try to time the 24 hour one on the day I take off from working out.

I've found the 18 hour one pretty easy. I tend not to be very hungry in the morning anyway. So after a cup of coffee first thing I drink water till noon and then eat.

After doing that a few times I've found that if I can get to noon I can usually get to 6 pm without eating as well. I typically have one cup of coffee in the morning and another around 2-3 pm. Initially I needed another cup around noon to keep be going but I've been able to cut back to my regular 2 cups a day.

The dinner to lunch or dinner to dinner fast is easier for me than noon to noon or noon to 8 am or some other time.
I took a second day off from working out yesterday, mostly because I had to go take care of my dad which is exhausting and partly because I wanted to see if an every other day off would effect my diet this week. Won't really know until my weigh in on Monday.

I did an 18 hour fast from last night today, didn't eat till noon and then worked out in the afternoon. Didn't really intend to fast, just wasn't very hungry. Did 15 minutes on the elliptical and then a weight circuit on the machines then 15 mins on the treadmill.

I am back at my dad's tomorrow so am debating not working out or just grabbing a quick workout before or after I go down there.
I opted to take the day off yesterday in terms of exercise. That means I only worked out every other day this week since I did work out today (Saturday). Having the day off yesterday meant I felt pretty energetic today. I actually did a 6x12 today. 6x12 is 6 exercises for 12 minutes each back to back for a total of 72 minutes/840 calories.

I will also work out tomorrow because weigh in is on Monday which starts week 7. I only take care of my dad two days next week so I will be pushing the workouts, though it kind of depends on how much if any weight I lose this week.

I did fast twice last week. A 24 hour one on Monday and a 18 hour one on Thursday. That should help offset the lack of workouts.

My WAG for Monday's weigh in is...based on the fact that I didn't work out three days last week,.... between 2 & 3 lbs. We'll see.
Weigh In for Week 6...-5.1 lbs. That's a total of 26.8 lb.

I am now 10 lbs away from my goal.

Looking at my numbers it appears that I took in 300 calories less than the week before but also worked out less. Actually a difference of 1500 calories burned less. My fat intake was down by about 30 gr, but my protein was down by 200 gr. Carbs were up but still only an average of about 14 gr/day.

My average daily calories was down to 735 in week 6 vs. 777 in week 5. Not a significant change but I really need to bump that average up 100 or 200/per day. If you factor in the calories I burned by working out I am only averaging 431 calories a day and that doesn't count what I do the rest of the day. I could feel the lack of calories by the end of the week. Started getting light headed after working out and standing up too quickly.

Goals this week...
-bump up calorie intact
-bump up fat intact
-change up workout routine

Things to consider this week...
-I am taking care of my dad two days this week which means I could take those days off from working out.
-how many if any days this week to fast*?

*fasting helps keep you in ketosis

I've decided to at least do one 18 hour fast on Tuesday, one of the days I'm taking care of my dad and not working out. I may do a 24 hour fast on Thursday which is my other take care of dad day and not working out day. Kind of depends how I feel by then.

I am working out Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun this week. Skipping Tues & Thurs.
For my own edification I thought I would mention Fasting as a means of diet. I've brought it up before numerous times because it is recommended as part of staying in ketosis.

It is relevant to prepping because we all store food and are afraid of starving. Having looked into it a lot lately it turns out that fasting is becoming a pretty acceptable way to regulate one's body. Instead of starving, going without food can have some therapeutic affects.

The "Rule of 3" (3 minutes w/o air, 3 hours w/o shelter, 3 days w/o water, 3 weeks w/o food) may not necessarily be true when it comes to the food part. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about fasting and people regularly fast (just drink water) for 30 or more days.

Okay, I'm not going to start wearing robes and sit cross legged on the ground chanting but based on my own experience I can see some benefit. Even after I stop the keto diet I may still try to fast once in awhile if not once a week. If you think about it, knowing how to fast and knowing what not eating feels like for several days could be a good thing to know if you find yourself without food.

There are lots of different kinds of fasts, I found this guide for those who might be interested. BTW, while fasting you should still drink lots of water.

I am not necessarily endorsing this website, its just a decent bit of info.
Weigh in for Week 7..... -2.1 lbs. Total loss to date 28.9
Overall my gross calories were down by 17 calories in week 7, that's insignificant except that I've been going down for the last 4 weeks which does add up.

My gross exercise burn was up by 995 calories which means my net calories were down by 1012 calories. Gross daily calorie intake in week 7 averaged 818 vs. 777 in week 6. Net calorie intake averaged 375/day vs. 431/day in week 6. That was primarily because I worked out 5 days in week 7 vs. 4 days in week 6 and also did three 18 hour fasts and one 24 hr fast in week 7 vs. 1 18 hour and 1 24 hour fast in week 6.

That should have translated into more weight loss but not necessarily. It kind of depends on the week before and the week after sometimes. A high week is often followed by a low week and vice versa. It kinda depends on how the body reacts to what you're doing that week.

One difference I noticed between week 6 and 7 is that in week 6 I tended to eat a late breakfast around 10 and then worked out in the afternoon and skipped lunch. In week 7 I worked out in the morning w/o eating and then ate lunch around noon. Should that make a difference? I don't know but I think I will try and eat both b'fast and lunch in week 8 and see what happens.

Another difference between 6 and 7 is that my wife was gone in week 6 and home in week 7. That means she was cooking regular stuff and I was just picking the meats and veggies with no regard to the carbs contained in sauces or other things. There might be a lot of hidden carbs in those dishes instead of the keto cooking I was doing for myself. That's something I have to consider.

One goal I did meet was I ate 120 grs more fat and about 80 grs less protein. I was within 1 gr of carbs between week 6 &7.
Goal for week 8
-maintain fat intake
-eat more calories, i.e, breakfast and lunch. I need to average at least 800 cals/day
-go back to 1-24 fast and 1-18 hour fast
-maintain workout schedule i.e, 5 days this week.
-keep better track of nutrition value (calories, fat, protein and carbs) of food this week.

Fat meal of the week- split fried hot dog smothered in peppers, onions and mushrooms saute' in olive oil covered in melted cheddar. Very yummy and is 290 calories 33 grs of fat 11 grs if protein and 6 grs of carbs.
Done eating for week 8 so the stats are in...

Gross calorie intact was down 568 even though my goal was to eat more. I did have one day of 1100 calories but I also had some oral surgery which put me on soft food for 3 days. Since I am not eating carbs, soft means means scrambled eggs a couple times day. Gross burned calories ( workouts) was up 480. Overall net calories were down 1048 calories between week 7 & 8.

Average gross calories/day was 818 in week 7 and 734 in week 8. Net calories (after workouts) was 375 vs 225/day. Yeah, gonna lose weight that way.

Fat calories were down by 34, protein up by 74 and carbs up by 12. Those are insignificant when spread over 7 days.

I worked out 5 of 7 days last week but took two days off in a row due to some business that came off. I still managed to burn 480 more calories than the week before.

I did one 18 hour fast this week and no 24 hour fasts. I did however only eat two meals 4 out of 7 days, primarily b'fast and dinner. Part of that was because I had a tooth pulled and didn't/couldn't eat that day. I did eat B, L & D the last two days.

I am getting close to my goal so I am going to have to figure a way to eat more calories particularly if I am going to continue working out 5 days a week and continue to do keto.

Weigh in is tomorrow (monday) morning so we'll see how I did. I am guessing at least 4 lbs.
Weigh in for Week 8...   -7.1 .   Total to date -36

Technically I am still .4 lb away from my goal but I'll take 36.

I thought last weeks loss of 2.1 was an anomaly and would be reflected in this weeks loss and I was right. This week's loss was my highest to date.  I don't think I'll be able to do that again even if I wanted to.

I averaged 4.5 lbs/week over 8 weeks which is accptable.   I may try to lose another 5 lbs just because this is pretty easy and that would put me at my lowest weight since high school.

Goals for week 9....

-eat more calories. I need to average at least 900+ calories a day.
- Try to eat three meals a day, no skipping b'fast or lunch.
- no fasts

-5 days/week at the gym
-try to work on one thing a week to improve

-time to try and slow the weight loss down without eating carbs.

Overall Notes:

-after 8 weeks on keto I am happy with the results. I've found it easier to do (for me) than previous diets like weight watchers , medical weight loss and combinations of those which I always fell back on when I needed to lose a few pounds.

-eating fat is very satisfying at least from a hunger standpoint.

-The hardest thing on keto is learning to eat enough fat/calories. I've found that cutting out carbs takes out about 80% of calories I was consuming on a daily basis. Apparently were are conditioned to eat low fat, high carb our whole lives. The more I learn and read the more I think that could be wrong.

-Taking carbs out is naturally going to reduce the amount of calories we take in. The trick is replacing them with fat calories so you reach an equilibrium with your weight.

-I still suffer with digestive issues more so on keto than other diets. I have diverticulitis which resulted in complications and a bowel resection some years ago. Most diets give me IBS, this one is heavy on constipation. No matter how much water I drink I have to take a laxative to relieve that. I believe the increased weight loss this week was a result of cleaning out my system using laxatives. A lot of it was water loss.

-I have not had any bread, potatoes, rice, corn, cereal, or anything starchy, no pop (diet or regular) or anything sweet, or any alcohol* for 8 weeks. I have not cheated once, not even a nibble or a sip. Not even been tempted to cheat.

My diet right now consists mostly of meat and eggs with some veggies thrown it. Most fat is added by way of oils, butter, sauces.  I need to find other things to eat and diversify my diet somewhat.    I've started to gather ingredients to make keto bread, keto pizza and other high fat, low carb recipes. 

-The keto lifestyle would be easier if I could get my wife on board if nothing else than to cook for me.  She doesn't want to do keto. It would do her good.

*I've not sworn off alcohol just beer which is really high in carbs. I can drink wine (white is better than red) and straight liquor (no mixed drinks). Fortunately I drink scotch or bourbon on the rocks. I've just not had an occasion for a drink yet.

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