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Keto diet
Anyone try a keto diet?

I've been on lots of diets and have lost hundred of pounds over the years. The last time I lost 80 lbs and kept it off for 3.5 years.  I've slipped a bit and gained back 30 in the last 18 months.   I thought I would try the Keto Diet this time.

Keto is a low carb, medium protein, high fat. Basically you cut out all baked goods and anything with sugar (which is just about everything but meat/fish/poulty, vegetables and fats.  I've been on it for two weeks as of tomorrow and have lost 8 pounds. I have a lot more to go but I've noticed that I'm not as hungry or tired as I usually get when I go on a diet.  From vast experience I know that two weeks is pretty much water loss and cleaning out the bowels. The real weight loss usually starts about week three which starts tomorrow. 

It is rather odd eating so much fatty stuff but I have my bi-annual physical the week after this one so we'll see how my numbers stack up from 6 months ago.

Here is some more info.  I didn't join anything formally just kind of following the guidelines of what to eat.
Yes... I went there once ( did the whiole thing and used the pee strips to track ketosis )

Yes, it worked till I stopped ! loved the bacon !

In the end , I basically ended up going with like the weight-watchers program.... it ended up for me to be real life eating with limiting the amounts of calories I consumed.
Smaller portion that are realistic while not stopping me from eating certain items ( just have to learn to trade off calories )

End result , I'm still down 40 lbs from heaviest and been stable for over a year plus... only 20 more to go and will prob do that by this years end.

Not all plans fit, find the one that does and stay with it is the only way.
I've done Weight Watchers a couple times and it worked for me both time. Kept weight off for 5 years or so the first time. 3 years the second. Then went on a medical weight loss program that was paid for by my insurance. It involved protein shakes and premade meals etc. It worked really well both times I did it. Lost a ton of weight. The second time I lost about 80 lbs and kept it off for 3.5 years. Then my dad had a stroke which not only upset my diet routine but caused a lot of stress and anxiety. I gained 30 lbs back in the last year and a half even though I was working out 3-4 times a week.

I've actually used a combination of WW and the Medical weight loss over the years for small weight gains and they work until I hit a bad spot and start binge eating again.

The good news is that I stopped before I shot all the way back up. 30lbs is easier to lose than 80. The other thing is I like the food more on keto, once you get past the sugar/carb withdrawal. Been on it two weeks and have not really gone through the calorie crash (body's sudden change in calorie input) which causes fatigue. I'd been working out prior to the diet but I found that only made me more hungry. On this diet instead of having a lack of energy and cutting back during my diet, it has increased my energy and lowered my appetite. I've actually increased my workout and feel better.

So yeah, we'll see. I know this diet will help me lose the pounds I want. It's a means to an end. I've lost 11 lbs in two weeks which for me is not remarkable. I've done that in one week on the medical weight loss diet but it takes a lot out of you. If I can average 4-5 lbs a week I've be at my goal in 5 more weeks which will be ahead of my time table.

However, based on diet experience it is more likely that I will plateau this week maybe only lose a pound or two. Usually the first two weeks on a diet is water loss and cleaning out the system (i.e bowels). Real weight loss doesn't start until week 3 or 4.

I think the real question is whether it is sustainable once you reach your goal? I have a high school friend (same age i.e 63) who basically lives on ketosis. No bread, nothing with sugar. Pretty much just meat,fish, poultry, veggies and fat. He does marathon bike races, triathlons etc. I don't need or want to do those things but I have a couple backpacking and hiking trips planned this year and in the future and I want to be in shape (and alive) to do them.
My weigh in at the end of week three is tomorrow (monday) morning. I don't think I lost much weight this week. Probably eating too much protein and not enough fat. Went looking for the pee strips but no drug store in the area carries them. Going to have to order them online.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Just drink a lot of water... heavy protein can be binding on some
(01-29-2018, 01:32 PM)Tom Mac Wrote: Just drink a lot of water... heavy  protein can be binding on some

Ain't that the truth. I have to increase fiber as well.

Weigh in Week 3 -2.6

Lost 2.6 this week which is what I guessed would happen.  My goal for week 4 is to figure out and keep track of exactly what I am eating in terms of calories, fats, proteins and carbs. I figured I was doing good but there are a lot of sneaky carbs out there so I'm not sure.

I have kinda figured out the basic stuff I've been eating for each meal so I can adjust quantities as needed.  

I've increased my workouts as well so we'll see how that affects this diet.
I'm going to use this as my weight loss log as it helps me keep track of what I'm doing.

Got two more days in Week 4 to go. So far this week I've written down everything I've eaten and what the food values were. I've also kept track of calorie burned in my workout and what I've been doing. I actually started to doing that in week 3 but now I can compare calories in versus calories burned in working out. I can also compare workouts and food between week 3 & 4 and future weeks.

So far I've increased fat, lowered calorie intact and increased workout (calorie burn). I guessing that I will lose more than the 2.6 lbs I lost last week. Probably closer to 4lbs this week. Weigh in is Monday morning.

Been eating a lot of venison since we have three deer in the freezer since fall. That is both good and bad. Good because it is very lean protein and bad for the same reason. There just isn't very much fat in it. We have lots of venison burger which they mix with pig fat but it still cooks/frys up kind of dry. It is very good in spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes etc, not so good as a patty on a bun. I can't eat pasta or buns/bread on this diet so I've tried it mixed with bacon (not too bad but needs more bacon) and wrapped in bacon and cheese and all the fixing except for the bun. It also works pretty good as meat loaf, though that adds unwanted carbs.

Overall I feel pretty good and haven't had any cravings. I did do one 24 hour fast from 6 pm-6pm (dinner to dinner). That is supposed to stimulate ketosis and for me just to see if I could do it again. I did it in week 3 as well. They also suggest an 18 hour fast, usually from dinner to lunch the next day 6 pm-noon or equivalent. I did that in week 2. I found that if I could make to lunch I could also make it to dinner with just and extra cup of coffee or two.

Otherwise I eat a lot of chicken and venison. My wife has been very good at making me a big salad and cooked veggies at dinner. I really don't miss potatoes or bread. I often eat leftovers from the night before for lunch. Breakfast is usually eggs either scrambled or omelette with ham, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, bacon etc. I scramble the eggs with sour cream instead of milk to add fat.

Work outs:
I took a rest day yesterday (Friday) from working out since I worked out 7 days in a row from the previous Friday to Thursday of this week.

I've bumped up the workout this week either through increased time or increased in level or weight. For example last week I did the elliptical on level 15 this week I bumped it up to 17. I also bumped levels on the stationary bikes, stair climber and tread mill. I increased heavy weights by 5 lbs and machine circuit weights by 10. I've increased my warm ups by 5 minutes and my cool down (mostly treadmill, sometimes elliptical) by 10 minutes.

Today for example I did a "Peak 11" (interval training) for 25 minutes on the elliptical and then 25 minutes on the treadmill building up incline and speed every two minutes. I was pretty tired afterward. My heart rate monitor registered 865 cals burned.

Overall, after nearly 4 weeks I'm starting to feel like I am getting into shape. My overall conditioning is much better than when I started but certainly not where I want it to be. Got lots of time i.e, get there.

The good news is that I had my annual physical/checkup with the doctor last Friday. All my numbers, BP, cholesterol, lipids, PSA, etc are all very good so it looks like I'll survive for awhile. Wink
Weigh in end of week 4... down 4.7 lbs this week. Total so far is -18.1 lbs.

That will put me on on my weight goal in 4-5 more weeks.

Bad news is my heart monitor failed yesterday so I can't count my calorie burn. It was pretty old tech, used a strap around the chest and a watch. My wife says to buy a Fit Bit or a smart watch thingy. I know those things have trackers online for everything which is cool but I don't like my life being tracked online.

My wife flew to Florida this morning (it was 4 degrees when I shoveled the walk). She goes down once a month to take care of her parents. I was going to go with her this time but decided not to disrupt my diet, exercise schedule.

With her gone I am on my own for meals. That means pretty much the same thing I've been eating but less fancy. Mostly boneless/skinless chicken, venison, burgers, hotdogs, with lots of veggies i.e, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and salads for dinners. Leftovers for lunch. Eggs, ham, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, and bacon in various combinations for b'fast. I sometimes don't eat breakfast until 10 or eleven. In those cases I eat brunch. Try this, tomato, saute'd onions, mushrooms and peppers in olive oil or butter. Put on a hamburger patty covered by mayo, a fried egg, bacon and cheese melted over it on lettuce. Won't have to eat again until a late dinner. The way I do it with measured amounts it comes to 464 calories, 33.5 grams of fat, 40.5 grams of protein and 7 carbs.

That gives me over 500 calories and up to 13 grams of carbs for dinner. That's like 3 hotdogs, or 3-4 pieces of boneless chicken, or another burger and fixins, or a nice steak plus a salad and veggies. I rarely do more that 12-15 carbs a day and rarely go over 1000 calories a day.

With another month of going to the gym and getting down to my goal weight, I should be in pretty good shape and I can really start training for my hikes, backpacking trips.

One of my fitness goals is to ride a 100 miler on my bike this summer. That's a good test in that it deals with leg strength, stamina and cardio conditioning. I built up to that before my Alaska trip and was in very good shape by the end of the summer but that was three years ago. The last two years I've ridden 20-30 miles a day 3 or 4 times a week but the most I did was about 40 milers a couple times. I could have done more but wasn't interested. I do need a new bike. Mine is 20+ years old is worn out and down for maintenance frequently.

I will say that it harder to get into shape than it was when I was three years younger. Taking the weight off will help and once I get there it should be better but I am not recovering as fast as I used to and it is slower getting back up to speed.

I did my 60 minute workout today. That's 10 minutes each on the treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike, stair climber, regular stationary bike and then the treadmill again. I did it last week but stepped up the level this week. I go from one to the next without a break. That keeps my heart rate up. I found it more interesting to change machines than spend the whole time on one. I occasionally will do 20-30 minutes on one or the others. The summer I did my 100 mile bike ride I was doing 60 minutes at the max level on the elliptical about once a week. That's level 25. I am on level 17 elliptical now.
Weigh in end of week 5...- 3.7 lbs . Down a total of 21.7

I compared my numbers Calories in, Calories out, Fat, Protein and Carbs between Week 4 & 5.

Calories: I was down about 80 calories in week 5 from week 4 but up overall by about 400 calories due to working out. Though in reality most of my workout burns were conservatively estimated since my heart rate monitor failed at the beginning of last week. I had no way of having accurate workout numbers. Gotta get a new monitor.

-I was eating an average of 796 cal/day in week 4 vs. 777 in week 5. That's pretty low but I don't feel hungry.

Fat: +19 grams..I made an effort to increase fat this week. unfortunately I also increased protein way out of proportion. 19 grams is really nothing in one week.

Protein: +261 grams (was eating more skinless, boneless chicken and lean venison this week with my wife being out of town. I wasn't making a lot of side dishes)

Carbs: +7.5 grams...I am only averaging 12.5 grams of carbs a day. That's well below the 20/day that are allowed.

Fasting: I did not fast in week 5. They recommend either an 18 hour fast or 24 fast once a week. That helps you stay in ketosis. I did both an 18 (6 pm-noon) fast in week 4 as well as a 24 hr (6pm-6pm).

Challenges this week:

-My brother is out of town so I am taking his two days a week (in addition to my 2 days) watching my dad. That will cut down on my workouts

-I need to balance my fat and protein better this week.

-I am tired of keeping track of everything.

-My workouts are boring. I try to change/mix them up but there is only so many ways. I am tired of going to the gym 6 days a week. Maybe I should cut back to every other day this week an see what happens. We got about 8" of snow over the weekend so I was doing a lot of shoveling. Maybe have to break out my old cross country skis and do some shushing. I long to get on my bike and take a long ride.


-Been doing a lot of cooking and making up stuff since my wife's been gone for a week. I look forward to her cooking when she get's home tomorrow but I've been doing all right in terms of meal.

Bottom line:

I was a bit disappointed with only 3.7 lbs this week since I thought I kicked it up a notch this week. From experience I do know that sometimes the loss doesn't register on a weekly basis. What doesn't show up this week will show up next. I could weigh in tomorrow and be down 2lbs but it all averages out in the end.

I am happy with my overall loss. I am losing weight and don't feel hungry. I am also getting into shape and don't feel tapped out like I usually do when on a diet. Gotta keep doing what I've been doing.

One thing I have to remember is that as you lose weight and your overall condition increases you don't burn as much calories for the same amount of time and level on the machines. I don't burn as much calories as I did when I was 20 lbs heavier. That's why you have to either turn up the level, time and/or distance.
My wife is doing this. While I'm seeing some progress, her feet and ankles swell and she gets to where she doesn't feel good sometimes. Personally I think she needs more exercise than the diet.

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