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Gardening 2018
(06-11-2018, 11:00 PM)ric0123 Wrote: Has anyone messed around with aquaponics or Hydroponics?

I've done hydroponics.  Works very well and you can grow a lot in a limited space.  Aquaponics looks cool and practical.  John has a good link in the above post.
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Tomatoes are coming in daily. I do have a squirrel problem where those tree rats are taking a bite out of any that I let get to fully vine ripe. I am picking my tomatoes about two days before they are fully ripe. I am averaging about 8 squirrel hits a day with my pellet gun. It only shoots about 750fps so I am just pissing them off.

I also have Jalapeños coming in as well. To be listed as the hot variety these are the mildest jalapeño I have ever eaten. I picked the first one last week. It was totally green but about 3 inches long and so bland I was very disappointed. I picked 3 more today and they were just starting to turn color. Again very mild but if I leave the seeds there is a slight tingle but no real heat.

My Thai chilies also started to come in this weekend. They are just where they should be. Almost a military grade of heat.

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