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Gardening 2018
I have my place in western NC rented out so I am working a patio garden this year. I am going to miss the Silver Queen corn.

Tomato plants are looking good as well as the mint, cilantro, and basil. I just transplanted some jalapeño, cucumber, yellow squash, and a butternut squash. The butternut I started in February with seeds from where I cleaned the seads out a store bought squash, I only had 2 plants survive out of 10 seed.

A new addition this year is celery. This is actually a store bought stalk that I had used all of the stalks and trimmed the root stump and put it in a bowl of water for about a month. It sprouted roots and a leafy stalk. When the stalk was about 3" tall I transplanted it into the garden. I have another stalk in the fridge that will get this treatment in about a week.

I have a red new potato in a 1 gallon pot and I am going to do a variation of a potato box. I need to finish the potato cage. I have some hardware cloth that I am going to stuff with Coastal Bermuda Hay only allowing about 6-10" of vine exposed until it get to the top of the 2.5' cage. I did this with Idaho potatoes in a 3'x3'x3' box year before last and I had more potatoes than we needed. The issue is that termites got into the wood near the end of the summer.

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