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I know some of you have Olight products. I've never owned one, but heard about them on and off over the last few years. All my current lights are AAA, but that limits weaponlights to the Surefire XC1. The switch on the XC1 is not to my liking so I'm looking elsewhere. The Olight mini Valkyrie is a similar size to the XC1 and is rechargeable. If I can't use AAA at least I don't have to buy different batteries. 

What do you Olight owners think of their overall quality and have you had any issues?
I'm an Olight fan, so get the disclaimer out there.

I have the Olight S1R, S2R, H1R, H2R, M2R Warrior, Seeker, Seeker Pro, I3E EOS, and the HO5 (some have more than one of) so I have some experience with the Olights. Out of all my Olights, I only have had an issue with one, the S2R. I contacted the company and they told me to check inside of the tailcap that the washer in there was loose. I tightened that down and it fixed the problem. All the other lights have worked without any issues.

The one con that I have found, is the side mounted button on them. If I carry it with the side mounted button facing my knife, I have had the light come on in my pocket. I moved the light around so the button faces away from the knife and haven't had an issue with it coming on since.

As you can tell by my list, I do not have any of the weapon mounted lights from Olight. Two reasons for not having them. The first, when I purchased my Streamlights for my guns and rifles I had not heard of Olight. Secondly, I have looked at the Olight Mini because I like the size factor and I like the rechargeability of the light, but the holster selection for them is minimal.

My only reason for telling someone not to buy the Olight Mini is the holster issue. If you are looking for just a bedside gun, then I think this would be a good combination. I have watched several videos and the light has functioned well and seems to hold a charge well. I did see a video where the full size Olight weapon light had worked itself loose from the light base. The gentleman took it apart and loctited the four screws and reported he had not had any further issues.

So, that is what I know. Be curious if you buy one what you think about it.
Thanks for your input. I did notice the lack of holsters, but it doesn't bother me since I get custom holsters for free from my sponsor. It's good to know you've had so many without any real issues.

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