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I know some of you have Olight products. I've never owned one, but heard about them on and off over the last few years. All my current lights are AAA, but that limits weaponlights to the Surefire XC1. The switch on the XC1 is not to my liking so I'm looking elsewhere. The Olight mini Valkyrie is a similar size to the XC1 and is rechargeable. If I can't use AAA at least I don't have to buy different batteries. 

What do you Olight owners think of their overall quality and have you had any issues?
I'm an Olight fan, so get the disclaimer out there.

I have the Olight S1R, S2R, H1R, H2R, M2R Warrior, Seeker, Seeker Pro, I3E EOS, and the HO5 (some have more than one of) so I have some experience with the Olights. Out of all my Olights, I only have had an issue with one, the S2R. I contacted the company and they told me to check inside of the tailcap that the washer in there was loose. I tightened that down and it fixed the problem. All the other lights have worked without any issues.

The one con that I have found, is the side mounted button on them. If I carry it with the side mounted button facing my knife, I have had the light come on in my pocket. I moved the light around so the button faces away from the knife and haven't had an issue with it coming on since.

As you can tell by my list, I do not have any of the weapon mounted lights from Olight. Two reasons for not having them. The first, when I purchased my Streamlights for my guns and rifles I had not heard of Olight. Secondly, I have looked at the Olight Mini because I like the size factor and I like the rechargeability of the light, but the holster selection for them is minimal.

My only reason for telling someone not to buy the Olight Mini is the holster issue. If you are looking for just a bedside gun, then I think this would be a good combination. I have watched several videos and the light has functioned well and seems to hold a charge well. I did see a video where the full size Olight weapon light had worked itself loose from the light base. The gentleman took it apart and loctited the four screws and reported he had not had any further issues.

So, that is what I know. Be curious if you buy one what you think about it.
Thanks for your input. I did notice the lack of holsters, but it doesn't bother me since I get custom holsters for free from my sponsor. It's good to know you've had so many without any real issues.
Curious if you bought the Olight and what your thoughts on it? I seen that Streamlight is releasing the TLR-7 to compete with Olight Mini and the Surefire XC-1 series, but it cost around $200, which is on par with the Surefire, but about $100 more than the Olight.
I've been waiting to see what was announced at SHOT.
I saw the tlr-7, but as you said, $200 and not AAA.
We'll see if anything else comes out.
I purchased the Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie. Just took it off the charger and so far impressed with it. The install and removal is easy with a flip of the lever. The light is very compact. Once it gets dark I will have to try it out and see how it lights things up. I don't expect it to be as bright or have as much throw has my TLR-1, but it is $50 cheaper and I expect that inside the house that I won't notice a huge difference.
Let us know what you think after living with it for a while.
I'm still planning on getting one when I get around to it.
I ran around the house seeing how well it worked. It lit up every room without an issue. I'm surprised by how small it is when compared to my TLR-1. Inside the house I didn't notice much difference between the two, both lights work well.

Outside is where I noticed a difference. The TLR-1 definitely covers more distance. So, if you need is to have a light with a far throw, you are going to need to go with t a bigger light than the mini. If you are looking for a light that is small, compact and will work well out to about 150 feet or so (I know it says 75 meters, but I like stuff lit up really well, yes it lights at 250 feet or so, but the amount of light is so so at that distance), this the mini is great for that distance. Inside a house I think it is an excellent light. I don't know how it will do at a night match, although most of our shots with the pistol are 25 yards or less, so I think it will do fine.

The next challenge will be to find a holster and get to the range at night and do some night shooting with it. Weather needs to get a little warmer for that.
I really like the Mini. The biggest drawback I can find is the lack of holster options. I prefer Crossbreed Holsters, but as of right now they aren't making them for the Mini.

I have played around with the light several times and it works great as a personal defense light. It easily lights up a room. My Streamlights have a much further throw on them, but they are also much larger lights.

I have charged the Mini twice now and it takes about an hour for it to turn green. I left the light turned on for about 25 minutes and it was still working, but it had stepped down the light output (which the manual says it will do that once it starts to get to warm to protect the light).

The only concern I have about the light, there is no way to change the battery out, so in a few years when the battery starts to get weak, I'm guessing the only option is to toss the light. Which I don't like that choice, but the closest light to this size is the Surefire XC-1, which runs a little over $200. So, I can buy three Olight Minis for the cost of 1 Surefire, but the surefire does come with the ability to change batteries.

So, that is my thoughts on the light right now.
I have moved the Olight mini from my bedside light and placed it on the G19 in my office. So far, the mini is holding up well as far as battery life. I have went almost a month without charging it and it is still nice and bright.

Hoping since the weather had started to get nicer, I will get out and shot it at the range and see how it performs in live fire testing.

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