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Remington RM380
Picked up the RM380 from my FFL today. It was $199 plus $17 shipping plus $20 minus $100 rebate from Remmy for a total of $137.

Comes with two mags, one flat bottom, the other with a finger extention. I don't have another 380 to compare it to but specs show it to be fractionally larger than the LCP/II.   It is larger than my Keltec P32 but much smaller than my Ruger LC9. It does fit well in my jeans pocket either the front or rear. I think it would be handy with belt clip (Quickdraw Universal) on it.

[Image: cpo7gzA.jpg]

The frame itself is aluminum, the grips are plastic. The trigger is double action only and it has second strike capability. It does not have an external safety or a magazine cutoff safety. The trigger pull is very looooooooooooooooong with a lot of stacking at the end and a mushy let off. There is no discernible trigger reset. Just let the trigger all........ the......... way out and it is ready to try again. 

Frankly the trigger is just plain horrible particularly compared to both my P32 and LC9 trigger and most other double action auto (PF9, P11, and LCP) triggers I've tried. I went back and read some of the reviews which mentioned the long and heavy trigger pull. None mention how mushy and crappy it is or the stacking, i.e, the trigger gets harder and harder to pull. No one mentions the indiscriminate let off. You pull and pull and pull and finally the trigger lets go with the hammer dropping a long fraction of a second later. "WTF is that?" I said the first time. It was at least consistently bad with every pull. I guess you have to learn it. Maybe it'll get better with use, juice or voodoo.

[Image: gVKp9sP.jpg]

The sights are very small and are machined into the slide. One would likely add a bit of bright paint to make them visible. It has an ambidextrous mag release. Mags hold 6 rounds, though it comes with two mags. If you look at the photo of it in my hand there is a small white spot on the trigger guard. It is small nick which the FFL pointed out to me. He said it was like that when he got it. The nick raised a burr in the aluminum which is quite sharp. Kind of poor QC. I'm going to have to file it off. Other than than that the frame is black anodized, the slide is a matt black finish that mars quickly. Just taking in and out of my jeans pocket it scratched it up. Overall I think the build quality is about what one expects on small pocket gun. It is not as good as my Ruger or even my Keltec but it better than some other guns I've had.

Ultimately I see this as a "get off me!" gun to be used at point blank range. You would pull it from your pocket and empty it at contact distance.

I haven't shot it yet, don't have any 380 ammo in the house. The last 380 I had was AMT Backup in the late 70's. I sold it to a guy I worked with when I left the department I worked for around 1981. 

So obviously I have to shoot it before I pass judgement. First impression is that it is worth about what I paid for it but no more.  We'll see where it goes from there.
I'm going to be very interested in your thoughts when you shoot it.
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I will say this for it. It is small and it is a 380 which is better than a .22, 25 or .32. It also is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The grip is thicker than an LCP/II. I found the LCP to be very uncomfortable to shoot due to the very thin grip. I've not shot a LCPII. From that standpoint the RM380 could very well turn out to be a handy little pocket gun.

Edited to add....been carrying the RM around in my pocket just to get an idea of the size, weight etc. I also put it in my small fanny pack I wear at the gym, my bike pack and several small pouches. I can see why these pocket 380s are so popular, they pretty much just disappear.

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