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Ear infections
Not affected fortunately!
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I had an ear infection that I could not terminate.  Dr. prescribed some pills, didn't work.

Went to the Dr. again.  She said use nizoral, non prescription strength, every three days.  I also gave matters some thought. 

Thoughts were that viruses were transferred by hand and that I had to deal with re-infecting.  i already was changing socks/underwear every day.  I already was using a wash cloth once and putting it in the dirty clothes basket.  I was also drying any bath towel outside in the sun after each use.

So, I focused on using an extendable soft back brush and scrubbed myself from toes to the top of my head every day.  Within a week, the re-infection process was stopped.  Plain soap without perfume with a soft brush probably would have worked by itself.  Using a soft brush got into the pores and not just the skin surface.

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