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The Holster Thread
I thought an interesting thread would be on the various holsters we have, had or use.  The good, bad and ugly.  What you think is the bees knees and what you think sucks.

I'll kick it off with a review of a couple of pocket holsters;  Remora and Sticky Holster.

I've mentioned before that I wouldn't have looked twice at the Sticky Holster except a student brought one to class for her Glock 19.  My wife started looking at it and really liked it so I took a closer look and it kinda hit me how useful it could be.  Sort of a neoprene on the outside while slick/smooth on the inside.  The uptake to this is that IWB or in the pocket the outside catches and stays in place while the firearm easily slides out of the holster on the draw.  So a positive for an easily drawn weapon but don't expect to turn it upside down and have it retain the firearm.  Just not designed to do so.  It's about as thin as you can get and still have a decent holster so it makes for a comfortable IWB holster, particularly appendix carry position.  I've done some of my nightly walks with the LC9 and Sticky Holster in the appendix carry position and it was quite comfortable.  As for pocket carry, it works surprisingly well.  More on this...

The Remora is a very sturdy holster.  It also is designed for the Ruger LC9 and actually came with the LC9s I purchased recently.  I think this would hold up very well for years of use.  I have not extensively tested it out yet a compared to the Sticky Holster.

In regards to pocket carry, I have found I prefer the Sticky Holster over the Remora (so far) in that I can reach my full hand into the pocket of my jeans or cargo shorts and get a full grip on the LC9 prior to drawing it out.  It puts my hand and thumb in the exact position I want it to manually take off the thumb safety during the draw.  I prefer a thumb safety on a pocket carry gun in addition to a long DA trigger.  Personal preference.  I have not done a lot of testing (so far) with the Remora in this regard but just trying it a few times suggests that it doesn't provide my with a full grip like the Sticky Holster while still in the pocket.  Both however cover the trigger well.

I would recommend the Sticky Holster without issue for a well made, soft, comfortable holster that would carry a variety of ways.  I would recommend the Remora based on how sturdy it seems to be constructed but would have to wear it further to recommend it in other areas.

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