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Leatherman tools - selections
My needs are specific.  Your profile will differ.
1.  I am over 70.
2.  I don't go hunting or camping anymore.
3.  I am not in an occupation as a mechanic and I have immediate access to a plethora of tools.

First, any multitool (or pre-multitool like the Victornix Swiss knives) must have a scissors.  A torn fingernail/toe nail, dirty fingernails, and embedded splinters are bound to happen in any survival/non survival situation and can completely shut a person down in a survival situation.

Second, if the multitool were sited in the family car, it had to be hefty.  This would be a Surge model.

Third, if the tool went into a travel suitcase, it did not have to be hefty.  This would be a discontinued Blast model/Wave or smaller Wingman (with the knife being so short as to be nearly worthless.).

Fourth, if the tool went into a windbreaker, it did not have to be hefty.   This would be a discontinued Blast mode/Wave.

Today, I went to my container of Leatherman tools that were not otherwise deployed.  Periodic inspection/sharpening/lubing time.  I read on line about the Blast model.  I don't know why the model was discontinued.  There were two criticisms.  First, the blade on the knife tool was not sharp.  I reject that criticism for the following reasons.  1.  when a person uses a knife, it does get dull.  If you use sharp tools, you either learn how to sharpen or shell out the money periodically.  In servicing the TSA confiscated Blast model units (never pay retail if you can avoid it), two passes on each side of the blade through a WorkSharp worked fine.  2.  the pliers on a Mexican sourced Blast broke.

I researched and found the following from 2007:

"Once upon a time, the requirement for USA marking was the "majority of the value added had to be US". The California decision changed this. Despite the fact that all Leatherman tools and knives are assembled in Portland , OR, that the castings for the plier heads come from a company who moved their operations from the US to Mexico, that some files and saws come from Europe and that some knife blades are sharpened in Mexico, Leatherman had to stop marking "USA" on their products.

Final fit and finish, along with the specifications for heat treat, finish, etc all come from Portland. Forget the BS that some folks put out. The Leatherman product is a good product. The world is international. Look at the cars on the road today. Did Toyota just exceed GM in quarterly shipments?"
I have 4 leatherman that are all made in the USA. I also have two gerbers and a sog. The sog is a micro tool and fits well in my pocket but I rarely carry it anymore. I also have a couple of knockoffs made from cheap metal that haven't broke and are still around - one is in my tackle box.

I have the standard pliers and needle nose version of the gerber. The needle nose gerber is my favorite of all my multitools. It has a standard knife blade which I prefer over the 1/2 serrated blades. The standard plier gerber has a home in the saddlebag of my motorcycle.

The leatherman tools have been with me the longest. I got the original design in anodized when I deployed to Desert Storm. It is in the top drawer of the end table in the den. I have a polished stainless original design in the center console of my truck. I have a Wave on my pistol belt. The micro is in the glovebox of my wife's car.

Funny thing is I have never purchased any of these. Every one of them were issued as disposable items when I deployed to bad parts of the world. I would get notice I would be deploying and to hit supply to pick up my gear. One bag would have new uniforms, underclothes, boots, poncho, mess kit, sleeping bag, magazines, and mag pouches - everything except the boots and underclothes would have to be returned to supply when we got back. The other bag would have a poncho liner, knife (or two), multi-tool, goggles, gloves, a length of 550 cord, suntan lotion/hand-cream/bug repellent, a bag of zipties, and roll of duct tape - all marked as disposable except for the bag. There would be some additional stuff depending on region as well.
Still using my Gerber Suspensions.  Don't recall ever owning a Leatherman but have always heard it's a quality MT.  The Gerber seems to be doing fine.
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