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Sewing Machine!!
I can actually use a sewing machine (not great, but i can make it work).  I have a very small, cheap machine that runs on 4AA batteries or a DC power cord.   It's not going to do anything heavy duty for sure, but I was thinking of how handy that would be as a long term prep item

yeah, i'd love to have an all metal, turn of the century, pedal powered monster.. but they are like $1500.  Having 1 or 3 of these laying around, probably not a bad idea. It's pretty easy to pull out and set up on the coffee table for something quick.
I support this. Sounds like a good start!
In The Age Of Information, Ignorance Is A Choice.
(12-16-2017, 09:56 PM)JRSC Wrote: I support this. Sounds like a good start!

Frankly, I am too old to start learning now.  Not all that much time left.  Mom had the pedal pusher for many years.  I have quite a bit of components and no machine.  I even do repairs on packs.  There is a zipper company in Los Angeles that does videos on how to repair/replace zippers.  On youtube.  Slowly, the old fabric shops are fading away in town.

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