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SEP #17 after action report
So here is what actually happened;

#1 Due to rain/lightning threat, we decided not to sleep over on Friday.  What we DID do was to get a couple of bags of firewood, and bike them out to site #3

#2 On drive home we geared up for cold

#3 Saturday, we hiked out through the wood ~3 miles to the camp site with full packs.  I just have to say, the maps and signage at Starkey suck.  We ended up on the paved bile trail maybe 1/2 mile from the turn off to site #3. 2.5 hours w/ full packs to go 3 mi.

#4 Had a great evening!  Got there at 4p, set up bender/hammock, got a fire going, gathered some semi-dry wood...good time.  Went exploring after dark.  Seriously ready for bed.  I probably had 6 Liters of water with me, + 2lbs of USP, machete etc...

#5 Up in the morning, had just enough wood for the morning fire, and hiked out.  Shoulders, back, legs, feet all protesting - but it was a worthy venture! 1.5 hr out going the right way with empty pack


First - I am very very happy with the cold steel machete.  It was easily and cautiously used as an axe to great effect.

Second, I slept in a Sol survival Bivy because of the cold + hammock.  
+ fit well
+ held up well. Only a couple of minor tears that didn't go through material.  Just looks like the orange cover stretched and separated a bit.  Certainly re-usable.
+ definitely increased the warm factor.  Also slept on and under two poncho liners and two + layers clothing.  In fact, a couple of times got a little warm!

- My but and feet were still a touch chilly in hammock.  Might not be as good as the silver foam piece Dave uses.
- Got pretty humid inside, down right moist!  Slightly unpleasant.  But better than cold.
- I got it in the package, but a beast to fold.  I'll check YouTube for tips - if any.

Overall - definitely small and functional down to certainly 50 degrees and lower.  Not perfect, but I'll definitely keep it in my Jumbo for JIC use.

Third - Jetboil rules all!

Other small notes
- Had a Sipok light failure.  Just quit.  Seems to be working now.  Had my Innova I5 as backup.  No problem
- Glock field knife a champ at making kindling
- LAPG pack still trooping on 5+ years under heavy loads
- Bass Pro base layer was excellent
Glad you had a good time and wish we could have been with you.  That Sol bivvy would definitely be useful in an emergency situation but I can understand how it would have gotten damp on the inside during the night.  It doesn't breath at all and traps in just about all the body heat while blocking just about everything else.  

That Reflex that I use is great.  Kept all the convection and conduction on the bottom of the hammock to basically zero.  Wind and waterproof as well as reflecting body heat back up into the sleeping bag.  Best of all it's inexpensive, folds easy and weighs virtually nothing.  Easily attached to the bottom of a pack.  

Can you make the SEP #18 if the reservation goes through?
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Great report! I like seeing how gear actual functions.
You go Bob!

Next time you go, if you give us a little more warning, we might go too...

I like the Gear Report also.
Yeah...It was kind of sudden. More about taking the kids out and a work-sanity break!

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