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.22 rifle for home defense?
my son is a PA in a trauma surgery unit an does a fair amount of work with GSWs. He says it is kind of amazing the route a bullet sometimes takes based on the angle, the caliber. what the person is doing and/or their reaction when they are shot.

I saw a fair amount of GSWs in my career and some were .22s. Some people were able to walk and talk after being shot and survived. Some were DRT. I've been shot at by a guy with a .22 rifle. Fortunately he missed but I sure don't want to be hit with one.
For continued discussion...

Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
A couple that we know just got back from vacation up north.  The husband, a good buddy of mine, inherited his fathers .22 rifle.  He was/is very excited about this for a couple of reasons.  First, because it was his fathers of course but also because this is the only firearm he owns at this time.  I taught them both to shoot a couple of years ago and they both enjoyed it.  

When they got back he showed me the .22 rifle and it turned out to be the Marlin Model 60!  Fantastic rifle.  I have a couple of them.  It has the slightly shorter magazine tube so IIRC this one would be around 14 rounds.  We're planning on going shooting mid-week.  Since this is their first and only firearm at this time it will serve as a HD rifle.  They have a small two bedroom condo in a retirement community.  From bedroom to front door would be the longest straight line in their home and I'd estimate 7-8 yards.  

I started to explain to him about the Marlin 60 as well as other rifles like the Ruger 10/22.  This got me thinking about the differences in the two rifles.  The Marlin was America's favorite .22 rifle, more or less for quite a long time until the Ruger came out and claimed that title.  The Ruger of course is a great rifle and with a 25 round magazine is not a joke.  But which one is a better 'prepper' .22 rifle?  Hmmm...

The 10/22 definitely has the advantage in the ammo department with a 25 round mag.  And there are lots of models to choose from including the take down model which would be quite nice in multiple scenarios.  I really don't know which one would have claim to the reliability or accuracy title?  I've never shot the 10/22 but as I've said, had the Marlins for decades and I can't complain about accuracy or reliability as I don't recall ever having an issue with either of the ones I have.

But one thing popped out for me.  With a 10/22 you are mostly dependent on the magazine.  In other words, if something happened to the magazine such as the rifle was dropped or the mag hit into something while running or whatever you may be reduced to a single-shot rifle (I'm assuming the 10/22 can be fired without a magazine?).  And presupposing that you don't have a spare mag readily available.  Whereas the Marlin wouldn't have either issue as the mag tube is part of the rifle.  Although reloading wouldn't be nearly as quick with the Marlin.  Prone shooting would be easier with the Marlin though.

Just looking at both with prepper eyes rather than squirrel hunters eyes (which of course is what the rifle is really designed for anyway and not a SHTF rifle).  And looking at it from the perspective that it's the persons only rifle or perhaps weapon.  Pros and cons either way.  Regardless, the Marlin makes a fine rifle in .22 if that's what you have.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
The Pros and Cons of the 10/22 and the 60...

60 Pros
-Integral magazine which holds 14-17 rounds (depending on the year of manufacture)
-Reasonably reliable. Though I've had a few that wouldn't feed reliably generally due to the feed mechanism.
-Inexpensive and still readily available
-Still the most widely made/sold commercial rifle in the world.

60 Cons
-Tends to be heavier and longer than a 10/22
-You have to put your hand in front of the muzzle to reload it.
-The outer magazine tube is susceptible to dents which renders the magazine inoperable.
-The plastic magazine follower tends to break
-The factory iron sights suck
-Slow to reload

10/22 Pros
-Extremely popular and available in many configurations
-Wide choice of aftermarket parts and accessories
-Reliable with factory mags
-Reasonably affordable
-Flush fitting 10 shot magazine
-High cap mags available
-Reasonably light weight
-Short overall length

10/22 Cons
-Factory iron sights suck (as do most factory iron sights on most rifles)
-Detachable mag could get lost
-Has a quirky bolt hold open and release button/lever.

Below photo shows the Mod 60 next to the standard 18" bbl 10/22 carbine and a 16" 10/22 bbl.

[Image: 6bKDFDj.jpg]

I guess what it comes down to is personal preference. Do you prefer tube fed or mag fed. I have a couple of 60s and a number of 10/22s. I tend to shoot the 10/22s a lot more because they are shorter and handier and easier to reload. I rarely ever shoot the 60s. In regard to tube feds I prefer my Nylon 66s over the 60 because they are lighter and feed through the stock. Having said all that, if the 60 was all I had I would be good.
I haven't owned a 60 in 20 years, but my main memory is how dirty it got. Because of the design, it's very hard to clean the action thoroughly. The 10/22 is a breeze by comparison.
There was a young recently divorced lady in my church. She was in her early 30's and had 2 daughters and wanted a gun for home and personal protection. She is a small, petite woman. There is a retired LEO that gives free gun safety and shooting classes at a couple of the local churches. She signed up for his class. She had never shot a gun before.

During the class he introduces students to smaller calibers and builds them up to 9mm and above if he determines they can handle the larger calibers. She had problems with a 32 caliber and above. He trained her on a 9 shot 22 LR. She became proficient with it. She got one just like she trained with in class. The instructor told her that 22lr didn't have much stopping power like 9mm, 357, or 45 so if she ever got in a life threatening situation she was to empty the gun on the threat if it was a single attacker.

She went back for a yearly refresher in his course. She kept the 22LR pistol as her weapon. A few years went by and she had a home invasion. She put 8 of the 9 shots into the scumbags chest. The investigators questioned the small arms instructor where he told the investigators that if she ever got in a life threating situation to unload the gun on the threat. She reacted to her training. Investigation over, justified shooting.

A 22LR in a rifle or a pistol is enough, but you have to be able to hit the target. FYI: a 38 special will not penetrate a pickup truck windshield, but a 22 LR will every time. I still prefer my 870 pump or AR9 pistol.

(07-29-2018, 06:57 PM)Ronin.45 Wrote: I haven't owned a 60 in 20 years, but my main memory is how dirty it got. Because of the design, it's very hard to clean the action thoroughly. The 10/22 is a breeze by comparison.

Aerosol brake cleaner is the answer.

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