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How quickly can you leave?
If your watching the news this morning you see the massive fire that started last night and has grown to about 50 sq miles.

First reported about 6:20 p.m. PT near Steckel Park, the fire grew from 50 to 100 acres in minutes. Flames quickly jumped Highway 150, which cuts a path from Ojai to Santa Paula, a city of about 35,000 on the eastern end of the Ventura County.

By 2:30 a.m., the fire had spread to 26,000 acres. 

So my question is how quickly can you bug out of your house? I know we can all just run out of house, but knowing your house is going to be destroyed, how quickly can you get what you need and your family/pets and get out of your house?

In 5 minutes I would be able to get pets and family with not much else. Loading the two dogs would eat up most of the time. 

15 minutes would allow us to grab some emergency food, documents, some clothes, and a few little keepsake items. 

30 minutes we would be able to add to the items above with additional firearms, ammo, more food, clothing, and a few other keepsake items. 

From this point on it would be just seeing what space we had available in the three vehicles on what we would add. 

One thing that we have started doing is placing prepping items in containers for storage. So this allows us to grab a container (i.e. the one labeled communications has radio, portable two-way radios, batteries, solar charger for the AAA batteries, etc.) and have all those supplies packed and ready to go. 

In addition since every vehicle already has a sleeping bag, blanket, and emergency gear in it, those are things we don't have to grab. 
I can be on the road in less than 5 minutes. Grab the Go-Bag and load that, 2 gas cans, and pre-selected weapons in the truck and leave everything else behind. My primary BOL is 121 miles North and I have 3 primary routes with only 1 having a major highway for 30 miles with a dozen sub-routes around that. I rarely let the truck get below a half tank of fuel and I can easily make the BOL with a half tank.

If time is not of the essence then loading up the car with additional food and keepsakes and the wife can drive that and I will drive my truck pulling my trailer.
I could be out in a min of 5 mins... also have 2-72 hr backpacks ready and keep dupes of important records in a folder to grab (also on speed stick ).
Grab the carry guns/mags and out the door.
Like others, some gear is already in the truck packed.

Not a big fire area here tho Smile

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