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What will be the weapon of choice in a 100 years?
Somewhere in the 1300's it appears that the first 'hand cannon' was developed and used. The design improved over the years until we finally got to the 1800's.

In the 1830's Colt patented the design of the revolver and the revolver is still in use today. In the 1890's the first semi-auto came out followed a few years later by the 1911 pistol which is still being used today.

Designs have changed a little, but no major breakthrough, basically just improvements on these designs. 

So I wondered in a 100 years if anything will change? The Glocks I have today, my great-great-grandchildren could still be using or will we have the next major breakthrough that changed us from the sword to the handgun? (S&W states their lifetime warranties are transferable, will they still be honoring them in 100 years when your great-great-granchild is carrying your old Shield)?)

It took 500+ years for the big revolution from hand cannons to revolvers. Will it be 500 years before we see the next breakthrough (ok, we won't see it)?

 Just a morning of pondering while I wait for the new employees to show up.
A 40 Watt phased plasma rifle.
[Image: endo04.jpg]
The 40 Watt phased plasma rifle is also known as the Westinghouse M-27.

Back to the original post, I have my grandfathers 60+ year old 44Mag. It is a hand cannon. It will still be a viable weapon 50 years from now because it was overbuilt to withstand the punishment of the 44mag load. It will be interesting to see if the polymer gun hold up or if they will degrade after 50 to 100 years. My 1911 and 92AF will still be rebuildable if necessary 100 years from now.

I do see plasma or energy based weapons once we get beyond the current limitations on batteries and power storage. Technology has to improve.

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