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does a pole less tent exist?
As I noted in other threads, I've recently gotten rid of my hammock.  I loved the size and weight, but setting it up was just a PITA and I couldn't get comfortable.

I was pondering last night though, that I like the IDEA of the hammock, a 1 man shelter with a roof and netting that is super light weight, small, and not $5,000 like fancy REI tents

I had this idea, of what looks like a hammock, but is actually designed to be on the ground.. Support ropes hold the top up off your face, but don't actually support your weight.  Yeah, call it a tarp or bivy, or a 'hammock on the ground'  but does anyone make such thing and I just don't know what they are called?

I was actually fairly shocked with the amount of guide lines I had to put up for my hammock when I had it, since i had a roof tarp over the top  Just thinking that if someone made something that LOOKED like a hammock, but had a net, but came apart into a rectangle instead of a banana shape, you could have the best of both worlds.   It would be easier to set up than a hammock, since your support trees are not holding much weight, and for the user, it would take up less space and weight than a pole based hammock.    I dunno if this is making any sense to anyone??
Good luck.

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