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I've been a troll
I don't know if I'm just getting grumpy in my old age (I'm 38) or my 'prepper age'  (since 98)  or if I've just been in a bad mood lately (possible)  but I've been guilty of posting some trolling replies on GT-SP.    I'm rarely on there these days but when i've been bored I've jumped on.   I get so annoyed at the 'sky is falling' threads and the 'if you don't own a 45 you are dumb' threads and the 'if you don't have 15,000 rounds stockpiled' threads.

So, I'm sorry.   I tried to be logical in the EMP thread, which everyone glazed over, though I posted FACTS and logical information...   and I was snarky about the 'stockpile ammo so you can barter with it'  (which I think is dumb)

I try to be a sensible prepper.  Logical.  Yeah, I like guns. Guns are fun, but you can't eat bullets.  There's so much more to prepping then blowing thousands of dollars on guns (which I'm 110% fully supportive of, just don't call it prepping. Call it collecting. There is no shame in that!)

My father lives in Florida. He was without power for 5 days during Harvey. During the run up to the hurricane, I asked him if he had basic stuff, ya know, water, gas, flashlights.  His reply?  'We have ammo'.    Really?   My girlfriend replied 'yeah well, you can't eat bullets'.  My father doesn't have the balls/nerve/temperment to become Negan the raider anyway. 

And damn, the political threads are real annoying.   Grr

So, I'm sorry I've been snarky.. and now I'm ranting.     Happy Thursday everyone!!
So you don't have a 45? My EDC is a 45GAP. Starting a thread on GT about anything GAP will bring out some very hateful posts.

BTW: I enjoyed reading your Rant
Lol, I actually do have a 45 now, though it's my car gun and not my GO to (which is still my G17).

You are correct though, that nothing on GT is ever taken seriously. I suppose I just hoped that there was at least one rational person reading and posting
Tony, I'm not sure a GAP qualifies as a real .45... Tongue  (ducks for cover).

Seriously though, wish I could remember which GAP Glock I had years ago.  It was either the full size or compact.  Definitely wasn't the smallest one.  Never did shoot it but wish I had now just to have the experience for myself.  I actually had the chance to buy back that Sig P250c (the one I traded for the HK VP9SK) for $400 which would have been a pretty decent deal.  I passed it up though.

Ric I know how ya feel.  Since SEP came about I don't post in that section of GT much.  I could see bartering ammo in a Mad Max scenario but for the 99.9% of reasonable scenarios that are going to happen the old boring staples of water, food and shelter are what's going to carry the day.  I remember saying a while back in another thread here (and GT) that in the majority of situations an old .38 revolver and a box of 50 rounds will be all you ever need in most situations where you may actually need a gun.  

Of course guns are fun to talk about  Big Grin
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.

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