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Smallest gun/caliber you'd feel comfortable with?
Thinking about the little S&W Bodyguard I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

[Image: 49007595942_6e1309e659_z.jpg]

Might try carrying this a bit to compare it with the LCP.  It's a bit heavier at 12 ounces give or take, but not that big of a deal in a good pocket.  Although probably not necessary because of the very long DA trigger, it does have a manual safety which I always consider a plus.  Shooting it was slightly more pleasant that the LCP, particularly with that extended pinky base plate although it makes it bigger.  The smaller mags make it comparable with the LCP.  I put a little glow-in-the-dark white paint on both front sights.  Doesn't last long but figured I'd try it and see how well it worked or didn't.  And it was only a couple of bucks for the paint pens.  Won't make a difference in a pocket of course, but figured it's there if I wanted to flash it real quick before going out and about around the yard at home.  

Tossing it around.
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