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Appendix Carry
(06-07-2018, 11:55 PM)Tsquare Wrote: I go a little beyond the 75 rounds per week. I am back to carrying my G37 45GAP (I am still looking for a G38 or G39). I am shooting 90 rounds of coated lead weekly and 10 rounds of JHP once a month with it. I also shoot 103 rounds of coated lead in my 1911 9mm each week. These are minimum numbers. As I will sometimes shoot up to 500 round in a week.

I'm not sure of their total weekly round count. I just know they shoot over 75rds a week in my Saturday evening indoor matches. Most shoot more throughout the week. Some do bowling pins on Tuesday and/or Thursday, outdoor matches on weekends, or just practice sessions.
I shot my G19 at IDPA matches. I try to shot 3 to 4 matches a month, with a round count varying from 70-100, so I would guess I average about 85 rounds a match.

Plus, Rhonda and I will go out and shot on our own, so I would say 400-500 rounds a month through my G19 is not unheard of.

Lately, the G43 has been getting more carry do to hot weather and less clothing. It sees far few rounds.

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